Kundan jewellery is a traditional jewellery which is an art!


It is a common custom in India to be gifting with a humongous amount of gold in the form of jewellery, to a bride. This is an old practice, mostly whereby the gold is seen as the bride’s future insurance. It could be easily said every married girl in India is given precious jewellery which is more like a good looking life insurance for them. But gifting gold jewellery is not restrained to marriages only. Gold jewellery becomes part and parcel of anyone since their birth in most of the South Asian countries. It is particularly practiced among the Hindus as gold is associated with purification and is considered being scared. Thus, explaining the excessive use of gold in a Hindu person’s life. But there are several variations available even in this simple category of jewellery. There are several variant of jewellery that is found in India, as people wear gold and diamond jewellery in their day to day life. One of the favorite is the Kundan jewellery; today one could easily opt to buy Kundan necklace set through online shopping.

Kundan is Indian jewellery; although a traditionally old jewellery it is considered and counted among the trendiest jewelleries in today’s market. Kundan is form of art and could be worked up in creating different varieties of jewellery. Kundan is one jewellery form which is not made in solid gold and mostly preferred as synthetic jewellery but it is expensive. The piece of jewellery is made of lac, which is a form of solidified tree resin. The pieces of lac are joined together to form a jewellery. The holes in these joined pieces are studded with valuable gems especially diamonds. Further to solidify the mold and embedment of the gems gold is pored over as a top layer to it.

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