7 Amazing Facts disclosed from HP & Prisoner of Azbakan

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (Book/Blu-Ray) shows how Harry Potter (see costume) is very much curious about his parents and can’t hear any single thing against them that’s the reason he reacted on Uncle Vernon Sister while she was speaking bad word against Harry’s Parent and then she was being punished in a manner to get fatty and flew in the air.

Like other episodes of Harry Potter (see Journey) this movie also reveals some secrets in it. At this stage every single fan is well aware about the story that’s why I like to share some of perceptions which you might not be noticed while watching that movie. Following are the unnoticed areas of the movie or some of the the facts which you may not noticed or may not think once while watching this episode.

Harry Potter Beast1. A Bi-shaped animal bird (buy action figure) which was beautifully merge together to form a new look. It designed to have a complete features of horse at bottom and Parrot at the upper part of his body. If you noticed this is the bird who was only controlled by the Hagrid (see costume) as he was the pet owner, later it was like and control by Harry Potter but shocking part that how that bird can start to obey Mr. Sirius after his release from the prison.


2. Harry’s biggest fear were dementor (see costume) who are the followers of the VOLDEMORT (see costume). As you well aware that Harry had an ability to kill them all but he don’t know how to kill them which was later on his insist taught by Prof. Lupin. He taught him how to control them and order them to get away from you.

3. Ladies first pattern be followed in this movie and allow Hermoine (see costume) to be sit first than the other two travelers on the beast, while traveling back to Hogwarts after releasing the Sirius from the prison.

Scabbers the rat4. RON WEASELY (see costume) pet (Scabbers) may found to be the real culprit behind the death of Harry’s parents that he betrayed Harry’s father towards the Lord Voldemort. The another fact which was disclosed in the movie was  that how a mouse can be live with Ron since past 12 year however their life are limited to 2 to 3 years only.

5. Confusion regarding Lupin appear when he transform into the Wolf, he supports Harry at every movement in the movie and told him about his past moments along with the Harry’s parents. As regards to his transformation he never taught his class about the Wear-Wolf and that’s the reason he resigned independently from the school at the end of the movie.

6. Sybill Trelawney (see costume) the magical creature teacher has an extra ordinary skills that she can feel, see and tell future of every single student while touching them. she is the one who conveyed the message of received from dementor/Voldemort to harry Potter about what is going to happen at mid night.

time tuner necklace7. Back to the future power found in Hermoine Necklace, through which they travel back with the instruction of Prof. Dumbledore (see costume) to save a life which could be harm if they don’t travel back. With help of this Power Emma Watson and Harry travel back save two lives i.e. the beast and the Sirius. By this travelling Harry’s expectation about his father was cleared that his father did not saved him, he the only one who saved him from the dementors.


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