Unwanted Secrets from HP & Half Blood Prince

Considering all previous editions of Harry Potter (see collection), the Half Blood Prince (available at Amazon) not as much satisfied according to the facts and figures mentioned in previous series. It is clear that at this stage story going to hold the climax but most of the following part remain unclear and unwanted and for ordinary reader/viewer.

1. Darco Malfoy the freaking idiot who never compete Harry Potter since starting of these series, however he tried many times and failed. But in this episode as became the Death Eater (buy costume), he seem brilliant, enthusiastic and come to Hogwarts for taking revenge of his father’s arrest that was the reason he spell to Harry and broke his nose at the beginning of this episode before leaving the train at Hogwarts Station. Harry Potter being very lucky all the time and searched by Ms Luna Lovegood (buy costume) and both enter Hogwarts for new session.

2. A secret disclosed in this episode that Lord Voldemort (see costume guide)  was very powerful by birth. He can do anything and every thing including talking with snakes. He was discovered by Albus Dumbledore (see costume guide) but he can’t control his emotion and evil thinking during his studies at Hogwarts. As per his intelligence he get aware about the creation of Horcruxes (buy from Amazon) in teenage and utilized its power against the magic world.

3. While considering the lovely friendship of Harry Potter (see costume guide) and Hermoine Granger (see costume guide), most of the fans had doubted in starting episodes that they are in love with each other as both are brilliant as compared to Ron Weasley (see costume guide). The same doubt was shared by the Prof. Dumbledore with Harry in his office and Harry Clarify that they both are good friends and their is nothing in between them.

4. A new lover of Harry Potter appears in this episode was Ginny Weasely. Story from previous series missed out how she get impressed with Harry Potter (the chosen one) and started to love him. She ran after Harry Potter to secure him from the conspiracy made by the Bellatrix (see costume guide) at Wesley house. Harry is all the way lucking that he was always protected by his lovers and followers.

5. Silliest part of the story is the love and attraction of Ron Weasley with Lavender Brown. Which was later be sorted out by Prof. Horace Slughorn. But this part hurts most of the fans of Hermoine that when Weasley stuck in love with Lavender Brown Hermoine cry. Let me clear that most of the fans with having greater love with Emma Watson (see post) can’t see her crying. They love her style and smile. (Poster available at Amazon)

6. Another secrets disclosed here that Prof. Snape is the Half Blood Prince. In this episode he is the true supporter of Lord Voldemort and sworn to be loyal with him on the insist of Bellatrix by holding Malfoy’s Mother hand.

7. Most impressive part of this movie is the use of Lucky portioned (buy Necklace from Amazon) used by Harry Potter and he get the memory of prof. Horace Slughorn regarding his talk with Tom Riddle for the power of Horcruxes. Having other similarities with Voldemort (see post) Harry show new similarity by asking the same thing which Voldemort asked but not to use it, he want to destroy it.

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