Harley Quinn is in my blood and I feel I will be the biggest fan of Harley Quinn around the world. I feel Harley Quinn Dc is inside me, in my body and soul; can’t let myself feel out of it. I wore different costumes and Harley Quinn accessories other than Ultimate Costume Guide to look like Harley Quinn. You can see my way of love and fandom with her and you can also follow the same habit as I am doing on a daily basis to cosplay Harley Quinn 24/7.

HQ Jogging Suit

Let the day begin with thanking GOD for giving me very good morning every day, brushing teeth and wore Harley Quinn Jogging Suit with Jogger Lounge Pant and a sports bra for the workout. When I go for jogging I feel bright, fresh and chill. Further, this Harley Quinn outfit gives me energy for a better workout every day.

HQ Mug

After workout comes to the home, taking shower inside the shower curtain with Harley Quinn and Batman and come out quickly as a rush to work. Before leaving to work I take breakfast along with coffee in my newly ordered Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Mug. As you all know that we are not allow to cos-play on work so I need something extra inside my clothes to have never ended a feeling of Harley Quinn, therefore I bought some undergarments set including Panty with different designs and Bra to wear whole day at work.

HQ Bathrobe

After having stressful work when I come to home I took shower again make myself fresh and wipe my body with Harley Quinn towel or sometimes wear Harley Quinn bathrobe directly and Harley Quinn Terry Slipper at home to make my feet relax after a continuous struggle of work.

HQ Underoos

I also have Harley Quinn Underoos and Panty Mesh Set as sleepwear and an awesome bedsheet with Pillow of Harley Quinzel. This was my daily routine to feel Harley Quinn inner myself. But on the weekend I have the freedom to wear any outfit of Harley. I used to wear Prom Dress or Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Dress when going outside with friends. Instead of all this, I have a collection of Harley Quinn T-Shirt some of them are displayed below:-

Harley Quinn T-Shirt Collection

Item Available:-

  1. Property Of Joker Logo T Shirt
  2. Guns Blazing POW! Juniors Black T-shirt
  3. Daddy’s Lil Monster T-Shirt
  4. Harley Quinn Card Portrait T-Shirt
  5. You Wanna Play with Me T-shirt
  6. Harley Quinn T-shirt
  7. Harley Quinn Bat Adult T-Shirt

Saturday is a day for a beach party at which I love to wear a bikini or Monokini to have Harley’s hottest features. At the beach with a friend I have my own Wine Glass panted Harley in it to celebrate weekends. While spending time with each other we sometimes Play Cards with Harley Quinn printed in it.

HQ Bikini

Sunday is my day to meet with family and cousins to spend time with them and for that day I have selected a Property of Joker Jacket and Bombshell Jacket for Cos-play. Every single person in my family thought that I am maddy with Harley but for me its a love and attraction. I feel jealous with my friend when I saw following of her collection of Harley Quinn on last week end:-

Aunt Samantha's Collection

Items Available:-

  1. 3D Digital Print Gothic Punk Steampunk Tank Top
  2. Seamless Colorful Fashion Legging
  3. Poster Mural DC Comic Joker Harley Quinn
  4. Lady’s Shoulder Bag Handbag
  5. Knapsack Backpack
  6. Harley Quinn Cover Up Tank
  7. Harley Quinn Cover Up Shirt

I already ordered those above products along with some new product to show it to Emily Jackson that I have more new collectibles than you have no matter I had to spend my whole salary in it. Some of my recent collectibles are:-

My New HQ Collection

Items Available:-

  1. Nail Art Decals Set
  2. Key Chain Tag Engraved Silver Tone
  3. Property of Joker Backpack
  4. Stainless Steel Black PVD Plated Huggie Earrings
  5. Adult Lady Corset Costume
  6. Harley Quinn Long Sleeve Hoody
  7. Joker’s Golden Property: Ladies Fleece Letterman Varsity Jacket

This guide never ends yet, I am searching on a weekly basis before receiving salary upcoming new collectibles of Harley Quinn. Further, if you like you can also El Diablo Suicide Squad costume guide. Kindly share my collection guide with other lovers of Harley Quinn.