Fans of different super brands always ready to grab their collectibles and ever ready to cos-play them. It is not necessary that you can cosplay your super brand by wearing a complete costume on selective time, period and occasion. You have the right to wear other products as well; like Leather Jackets, bathrobes, T-Shirts, etc. The Leather Jacket along with costumes are shown below.


Batman Costume

Dc Comic starts with the name of the most popular super brand Batman. He is the one to which recently DC Comic connected other super brands to get joint popularity and fan accumulation. That’s the reason many other games were also introduced like Arkham Knight, Arkham CityReturn to Arkham, Arkham Asylum for the gamer in which they love to see Harley Quinn, Aquaman, etc. Villainous characters were included to build interest; drive attention towards the superheroes. The Leather Jacket will not only use to wear as general; these will give you the best look, perfect fitting, and courage.

Items Available:-

  1. The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume (Men, Women, Kid)
  2. Bat Logo jacket
  3. Batman Grey Leather Jacket
  4. Christian Bale Batman Begins Jacket
  5. Red Hood Leather Jacket
  6. Batman Dark Knight Shield Faux Jacket

Superman Costume

Superman has the ability to control the culprits of this world. He accumulated his fan against the Batman. It found in most cases that fans love to wear a muscles costume.

Items Available:-

  1. Adult Muscle Chest Superman Costume
  2. Super Jacket for Man
  3. Superman Black and Grey Jacket
  4. Men’s Superman Jacket
  5. Waxed Men Cosplay Leather jacket
  6. Man Of Steel Perforated Superman Jacket
  7. Pro Superman Smallville Jacket
  8. Superman Jacket
  9. Blue Waxed Cosplay Jacket

Wonder Women Costume

The name of Superman always comes with Wonder Women. The prettiest Lady having natural abilities and Power. She did her duties to save the world in collaboration with superman.

Items Available:-

  1. Adult Wonder Woman Costume
  2. Wonder Woman Jacket
  3. Wonder Woman Leather Jacket

Green Lantern Costum

Green Lantern with powerful ring got popular in movies, TV shows and Video Games with huge followers and lovers.

Items Available:-

  1. Green Lantern Deluxe Costume (Men, Women, Kid)
  2. Ryan Reynolds Jacket
  3. Green Lantern Leather Jacket
5. FLASH:-

Flash Costume

Flash recently on screen with the most beautiful lady the Supergirl to work with her in different missions. He is popular for unique power and skills.

Items Available:-

  1. Flash Deluxe Costume
  2. Jay Garrick Teddy jacket
  3. Flash Leather Shield Jacket
  4. Red Flash Leather Jacket
  5. Dr. Harrison Wells Jacket
  6. Flash Season 2 Jay Garrick Teddy Sears Jacket

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn got her popularity from the Batman series. She has love and attraction with Joker in different appearances. You can find her Ultimate Costume Guide with 07 different costumes available at different online destinations. Cosplayer likes to follow her all the time. If you are one of them you must look like Harley Quinn even at work.

Items Available:-

  1. Suicide Squad Satin Fabric Jacket
  2. Bombshell Distressed Jacket

Joker Costume

Joker the lover and most super-villain of BATMAN comics. After the release of the Suicide Squad; he has amazing popularity and fan accumulation.

Items Available:-

  1. The Killing Joker Leather Jacket
  2. Joker Goon Themed Leather Bomber Jacket
  3. Suicide Squad Joker Cosplay
  4. Suicide  Squad Jared Leto Joker Maroon Long Coat

supergirl costume

Supergirl, sexiest among other super brands; accumulating popularity on screen. She is working with Flash in different situations to control the evil working of enemies of the State/World. You can buy her costume and jacket for cosplay and Halloween.

Items Available:-

  1. Supergirl Costume
  2. TV Series Supergirl Jacket

Green Arrow Costumes

Green Arrow was introduced in the Batman series; got popular among fans around the world. Find the jacket and costumes of Green Arrow for cosplay.

Items Available:-

  1. Arrow Hooded Leather Jacket Green
  2. Arrow Hoodie Leather Costume Jackets
  3. Green Arrow Cosplay Halloween Costume
  4. Oliver Queen Jacket
  5. Green Arrow Season 4 Costume Jacket

Aquaman Costume

Aquaman was an active and most attractive super brand. He got famous for adventure and fighting style. You can find below Aquaman costume with the costume wig and beard.

Items Available:-

  1. Aquaman Smallville Arthur Curry Faux Costume Jacket
  2. Dawn of Justice Deluxe Aquaman Costume (Men, Kid)
  3. Aquaman Beard And Wig

Nightwing Costumes

Nightwing with different super ability been loved and famous among fans. you can find his complete costume and leather jacket below for better look and attraction like Nightwing.

Items Available:-

  1. Nightwing Robin Dick Grayson Halloween Costume
  2. Nightwing Jacket

DC Comic attraction guide will never-ending. You saw 11 costume guide for leather jacket and costumes for cosplay and Halloween. You will find the El Diablo Suicide Squad costume for Halloween and cosplay. See the guide of Suicide Squad character Leather Jacket for your collection. Check 9 Beautiful Goddes and 15 Sexiest Devil by clicking here.