Emma Watson being the most Amazing and the Sexiest Beauty (See Post) who loved and honored by number of fans. They love her from the bottom of their heart. They want to see her every moment, love to capture her image and ready to receive her latest news and activities. Every single fan have their own way of loving, some people love her smile, some love her style, some love to collect her posters to love her and see her every moment infront of their eyes.

Yesterday, while visiting to a friend’s place where he has a restricted area in his house where no one is allowed that was the reason he live alone. After several request since long time he allowed me to enter in his house to see his Queen of Love Collection. I was shocked to see posters and collectibles of Emma Watson and can’t believe in my eyes to see her their. Emma Watson Signed Image

I can’t remember every thing but let me share some his collection belongs to Emma Watson. When I entered in his house I saw its full of poster looking Emma Watson in it. His first collection that he showed me was the Emma Watson Signed poster (Product Page) which he bought because he feel that Emma’s initial was not on poster, it was really on his heart.

On the side area their was a DVD/Blu-Ray collection of Emma like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Ballet Shoes, The Bling Ring, Colonia, Regression, etc, along with full collection books of Harry Potter Series (See Post) including Harry Potter & the Cursed Child (Product Page) and Inside the Mind of Emma Watson (Product Page) in which their is a Hermione Granger Film Cell Bookmark (Product Page) is present.

Emma Watson Queen

I found this beautiful poster (Product Page) outside his wardrobe. He told me that she is the inspiration who told him every time what to wear and how he look like. He continuing disallow me to open the wardrobe, but you want believe that inside the wardrobe I found another lovely poster in which Emma found with beautiful flower in her Shoulder (Product Page). His wardrobe contain the 07 Dog Tags as shown below:-

Emma Watson Dog Tag

Items Available:-

  1. Party Dress Pet Tag

  2. Hot Picture Best Fashion Design Usefull Pet Tag

  3. Emma Watson Prada Custom OvaL Dog Tag

  4. Wallpaper In Harry Potter Custom Personalized Heart Aluminum Dog Tag

  5. Emma Watson Hot Shot Pet Tag

  6. Fashion Design Usefull Pet Tag

  7. Adjustable Aluminum Dog Tag

You won’t believe in your eye when you see below mentioned backpack which he collected just to value her love and attraction.

Emma Watson Backpack Collection

  1. Emma Watson Game Of Throne Custom School Bag Travel Backpack

  2. Custom Kids School Backpack Bag
  3. Harry Potter Emma Watson Printed Casual Travel Backpacks

  4. Emma Watson Printed Casual Travel Backpacks

Bath Shower

After completing wardrobe collection he show me his bathroom. OMG he has a beautiful topless poster of Emma Watson (Product Page) just inside, another poster outside the door of bathroom (Product Page)  and awesome shower curtain (Product Page).

Emma 2016 Calender

In his bedroom he has Emma Watson 2016 Calender (Product Page), Durable Pillow (Product Page), Laptop Skin (Product Page), and Tablet back cover (Product Page). His cell phone has lovely hot pic/application of Emma Watson (Product Page) which I also downloaded to my Android phone.

Harry Potter Hermione fit Hot Toys

He told me that recently he ordered two T-Shirts in which one with Emma Watson pic (Product Page) is printed while other is Irish You Were Emma Watson (Product Page) is printed. Further he order Emma Watson Pencil Case Bag (Product Page), Umbrella (Product Page)Cotton Tote Bag (Product Page) and Harry Potter Hermione fit Hot Toys (Product Page) for his niece who is also a great fan of Emma.

While leaving his home I saw an amazing medicine box (Product Page) and Key Chain (Product Page) with Emma pics. He is very happy to live his life with Emma Watson till the last breath of his life. If you like this love story and passion of love, share this to the other fans so they can judge them who be the greatest fan of Emma Watson.

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