Steven Universe (Voiced by Natasha Lyonne) is full of active characters. As a fusion, Smoky Quartz adopts Steven and Amethyst’s personalities. She has a proud, carefree, excited, and happy-go-lucky attitude. They also have a humorous and relaxed side to their personality with a tendency to make jokes, even in the heat of battle. Smoky Quartz Steven Universe does have some confidence issues, though, as they felt constant frustration when being compared to other fusions. Their humor can also be rather self-depreciating at times as well.

There are several gems are part of the Steven Universe cartoon, but we found that cosplayers are cosplay a few of them in the group. We therefore in this articles share the DIY guide of the Smoky Quartz costume for Halloween & Cosplay.

Costume Wig

Steven Universe Fusion Costume Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Smoky Quartz Steven Universe Theme Crop Top (Product Page)

Racerback Crop Tank Top

Smoky Amethyst Quartz Racerback Crop Tank Top (Shop via Amazon)

Steven Universe Quartz Gem Large Acrylic Rhinestones (Shop via Amazon)

Mid-Rise Turn-Up Cratched Denim Shorts

Brown Smoky Quartz Denim Shorts (Shop via Amazon)

Full Leggings Stretch

Smoky Opal Full Leggings Stretch (Shop via Amazon)

Steven Universe Character Design Valley Lane Loretta (Shop via Amazon)

Who is Smoky Quartz is not a big deal because Steven Universe right now is the big name in the cartoon industry which is loved and followed by millions of fans around the globe and he looks nothing without all the gems who are working side by side with him. Findurfuture, has already shared the 28+ Costumes Guide of Steven Universe characters  for this Halloween so that none of the Steven Universe cosplayer has to spend time for searching DIY of their favorite character from the Steven Universe series. We have a lot more thing to discuss about the Steven Universe gems but for now collect all the accessories of the Smoky Quartz Costume and if you are interested to visit other DIY of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costume, Click Here!

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