Civil War based on the fight between the two groups of the Avengers under the supervision of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. We already read and watch the real culprit behind Captain America: Civil War. Fans are witnessing the Avengers are fighting and destroying each other. We know that all the Avengers are multi-talented with built-in superpowers and combat skills. Scroll to collect the accessories of the Captain America Civil War costume:-



Captain America (Chris Evans) an American soldier appearing in the Marvel Comics in 1941. He is popular with the American flag costume along with his indestructible shield. Chris is the first Marvel Character who struggle to maintain his ideals as a man with this modern period. He is highly respected in the community and spend longer period as the leader. He is the alter ego of Steve Rogers. The captain is in the sixth rank on “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time”, second in the list of “The Top 50 Avengers” and in “Top 25 best Marvel Superhero”.

Captain america costume guide

Items Available:-

  1. Civil War Captain America Cosplay Costume
  2. Captain America Civil War Leather Jacket
  3. Captain America Accessories
  4. Men’s Halloween Walker
  5. Captain America Mask
  6. Captain America Shield



Sergeant James Buchanan (Bucky Barnes) is a soldier and the childhood friend of Steve Rogers. He was also recruited as the Howling Commandos. He was assassinated in his mission to capture Hydra; survived through an experiment done by Zola with loss of his left arm. He became a winter soldier and worked as an operative part of Hydra. He is a person who was triggered by Steve to remember his previous life at the time when he confronted with him to destroy the S.H.I.E.L.D.

winter soldier costume guide

Items Available:-

  1. Winter Soldier BUCKY Leather Jacket
  3. Pocket Utility Pouch Cartridge Ammo
  4. Mens Shift Sport Boot
  5. Costume Mask
  6. Tactical Leg Holster
  7. Fake Rubber Knife Black Grey
  8. Winter Soldier Adult Gloves
  9. Ventec Tactical Goggle



Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) introduced as the Russian Spy and the opponent of the Iron Man. She was an orphaned child rescued by the Soviet Soldier and trained her. Natalia Natasha Romanova becomes the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a member of the Avengers team. She continues her job after defeated Loki under her fellow agent Captain America. In Captain America Civil War she supports Iran Man fight against Steve Roger in regard to the criminal activities of the Winter Soldier.

black widow costume guide

Item Available:-

  1. Black Widow Deluxe Adult Plus Costume
  2. Black Widow Boot
  3. Gloves Fingerless Accessories
  4. Black Widow Cosplay Wig Red Hair
  5. Black Widow Light-Up Batons
  6. Holster RH Black



Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) has telekinetic, telepathic and energy manipulating skills. She supports Steve in the Civil War and imprisoned briefly in the Raft along with other teammates. Wanda Maximoff was born with supernatural power which originally revealed as the daughter of X-Men villain Magneto and sister of QuickSilver. Scarlet Witch has a different costume in movie and comic.


Items Available:-

  1. Womens Plain Sleeveless Strappy Swing Dress
  2. Cotton Over-Knee/Thigh-Highs Socks
  3. Blood Red Cabochon in Pewter Frame Pendant
  4. Womens Military Lace up Combat Boot
  5. Curly Wavy Cosplay Wig
  6. Scarlet Witch  Jackets



Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton (Jeremy Renner) is a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He brainwashed by the Loki in the destruction of the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. project. He joined the Avengers against Loki alien army in the Battle of New York after Black Widow disconnects his mental control from the hands of Loki. Jeremy was recruited by Captain America to fight from his side to Sokovia Accords. Like Scarlet Witch he has brief imprisonment at Raft.


Item Available:-

  1. Slim Skinny Faux Leather Jeans
  2. Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boot
  3. Hawkeye Faux Leather Vest
  4. Condor Tactical Belt
  5. Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow
  6. Velvet Arrow-back pot Quiver



Scott Edward Harris Lang (Paul Rudd) was the professional criminal who was through proper planning convinced to take the mantle of the Ant-Man by Hank Pym. He fought against Darren Cross to defend his family, friends and the world. He was recruited by the Hawkeye to fight from the side of Captain America in the Civil War. As he is the wanted person in the list of the Law Maker; he along with other Avengers get brief imprisonment at the Raft and being freed by Captain America.


Items Available:-

  1. Ant-Man Helmet
  2. Ant-Man Leather Jacket
  3. Ant Man’s Costume
  4. Costume Co Men’s Ant-Man Gloves
  5. Waterproof Leather Duck Boots



Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the successful businessman, ingenious engineer and the playboy. He suffers from the serious chest injury during his kidnap who forced him to create a weapon of mass destruction. He creates a power-armored suit for himself to escape. This suit will later include several other armors and technological devices. He is the founding member of the Avengers and fights as the opponent of Captain America in the Civil War. According to “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes”, he is at 12th ranked.


Items Available:-

  1. Supereme Edition Iron Man Costume
  2. Iron Man Real Leather Motorbike Jacket
  3. Men’s Hero 100 Engineer Boot
  4. Iron Man Electronic  Helmet
  5. Arc FX Armor
  6. Iron Man Civil War Costume



T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is the owner of the mantle of Black Panther and the ruler of the African nation of Wakanda. After his father killed the new monarch was set to kill the Winter Soldier who they believe to be responsible for the attack. He joined the Avenger Civil War from the side of Iron man; found the truth about the Zemo’s conspiracy and decide to help Winter Soldier to grant him asylum in Wakanda.


Items Available:-

  1. Black Panther Full Vinyl Mask
  2. Black and Silver Leather Jacket
  3. Claw Gloves Deluxe Warrior Pack
  4. Deluxe Muscle Chest Black Panther Costume
  5. Black PU Cosplay Costume Shoes



Peter Benjamin Parker (Tom Holland) is alter ego of the Spider-Man; a superhero who possess the Spider-like abilities and a high school student. He recruited by the Tony Stark to join the Avengers Civil War to fight from his side against the team of Captain America. He is friendly by nature and the awkward individual who is happy to talk but a mishap with his own words during a conversation.


Items Available:-

  1. Spider-Man Costume
  2. Spider-Man Gloves 
  3. Spiderman Adult Costume Boot Tops
  4. Spider-Man Deluxe Mask
  5. Red and Black Leather Biker Jacket



Vision (Paul Bettany) is synthetic and the powerful being born from the Vibranium-laced body. He is created by the Helen Cho, Ultron and programmed by the Bruce Banner & Tony Stark. He became the member of the Avengers under the supervision of Captain America. Paul joined the Tony Stark side which creates conflict between him and the allies of the Captain America. He newfound with the feeling for Scarlet Witch which caused him to accidentally injure War Machine.

vision-costume-guideItems Available:-

  1. Adult Vision 3/4 Mask
  2. Vision Gloves
  3. Deluxe Adult Vision Costume

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