People these days prefer watching TV Series, Movie and Animated Series about their Super Hero and Super Brand. When we talk about Wonder Woman who have power and combat skill to fight with enemies. She is very popular among fans since 1975 TV Series which was acted by Lynda Carter. She is princess and subject to rescue Steve Trevor after crushing landing on her Island. As we are well aware that Super Heroes Costume would never been outdated so here are the costume of Wonder Woman which is still famous these days.


Wonder Woman cast was initially operated by the 1940’s beauty Lynda Carter. She explores the entire idea of the Comic World on screen. Being an Amazon Princess, she has superwoman abilities not only to save the world but also rule the heart of the followers. Let begin this guide with the Wonder Woman Legend as given below.

  1. Wonder Woman Costume Wig
  2. Sexy Superhero Costume Woman
  3. Wonder Woman Cuffs
  4. Pleaser Women’s Halloween


This guide is never ending yet because we saw a new version of Wonder Woman, which was portrayed by Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman movie 2017. She wore the identical outfit as she wore in the Dawn of Justice. Like other wonder girls her costume as Diana Princess is given below:-

  1. Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume
  2. Wonder Woman Shield
  3. Wonder Woman Sword
  4. Wonder Woman Child’s Costume


Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in her secret identity grew up in the Amazon island of Themyscira who got aware the chances of World War by the American Pilot Steve Trevo after rescued by the Amazon Princess in a plane crashed in the island. She then become the Wonder Woman and leaves her country to end this conflict. Scroll down to check the Wonder Woman costume guide of her secret identity.


DC Bombshells with born adventure and heroic spirit guard the home front during WWII. She is an alternate reality of female superhero who inspired by the history and classic pinups of 1940’s decide to join US Army Air Corps after a raid near Themyscira.

  1. High Waisted Vintage Inspired Shorts in Brilliant Blue
  2. Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt with Stretch in Red
  3. Golden Rope Standard
  4. Yellow Bandana
  5. Solid Red Star
  6. DC Comics Wonder Woman Silver Cuffs
  7. DC Comics Wonder Women Logo Belt Buckle
  8. Waist Cinch Trimmer Belt
  9. Wonder Woman Costume Boots

Other Wonder Woman Movie Costumes….


Wonder Woman Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who gave Diana a nicked name “Angel”. He was secured by the Wonder Woman after crashing his plane near home of Amazon. Wonder Woman love interest found with this WWII, USAF pilot. Like other Chris Pine movies this film also gathered a huge fans and followers to appreciate his couple with the Gal Gadot but she rejected his proposal of marriage because she want to save the world first rather to marry him.

  1. Military Combat Work Desert Casual Fashion Boots
  2. Steve Trevor Sleeveless waistcoat Jacket in Brown
  3. Men’s Turtleneck Sweaters in Khaki
  4. Camo Cargo Pants Military Army Style in Olive
  5. Leather Buffing Brown Trench Coat Jacket
  6. Brown Leather Driving Gloves


Wonder Woman Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya) is Spanish Chemist who invents poison which gives maximum pain, she is also known by her nickname Isabel Maru. She used to wear ceramic mask because an accident during an experiment her facial disfigurement happen on left side of her face. She is also considered in the list of the super villain as being very expert in the use of poison toxin and plagues.

  1. Black Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat
  2. Brown Bib Apron
  3. Adult Zentai Costume Open Face Hoods Mask in Black
  4. Steampunk Goggles with Removable Lens Cap in Brown
  5. Womens Lagos Combat Boots
  6. Doctor Poison Mask
  7. Stops Rust Spray Paint


People these day are very crazy about the Wonder Woman Merchandise not only to accumulate there collection, but also to share gift with each other especially at Halloween. Click link below to see the vast range of gift ideas and merchandise related to this lovely lady.


We know that fan and followers can’t leave without the presence of their lovely character and with tank top you will cosplay the character on casual basis. May you be the LUCKY ONE to have one of these tank tops. Check the costume of Guide of other DC Comic Character Click Here!

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