The most fastest human in the world to whom we know very well. He run very fast to anywhere in the land. Being the characteristics of fastest runner, he also think and act fast. He has no need of vehicle to travel anywhere he even reach the same destination within the less time as if we use vehicle to travel. This special characteristics make him superhero in DC Universe. There are some other name who has same specialty a like Quicksilver, Reverse Flash & Zoom. But Flash being most popular among all. For the reason people love and cos-play him. In this guide we cover the costumes of The Flash, The Reverse Flash and impeccable Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom. Following are the costume guide of all of them.


Barry Allen (Flash) started its journey from the Golden age at DC Comic as superhero and later become very popular in comic world, TV series, animated series and in Flash movie. Fans and followers are very much inspired by his unique fastest running skills. Following are the Flash DC and the Flash CW costumes displayed below.

The Flash Barry Allen Cosplay Costume (Shop via Amazon)

The Flash Jacket (Shop via Amazon)

Muscle Chest Flash Comic Suit (Shop via Amazon)

Muscle Chest The Flash Costume Child (Shop via Amazon)

Women’s Superhero the Flash Costumes (Shop via Amazon)


Reverse Flash (Edward Clariss) also known as Rival Flash, he is a Professor at university attended by Flash. He created the formula velocity 9 which was behind Jay Garrick’s speed after hearing from the Garrick’s girl friend about how Flash own speed was given to another students. Following are the Reverse Flash CW Costume ideas.

Reverse Flash Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Reverse Flash Kids Costumes (Shop via Amazon)

Reverse Flash Dr. Harrison Wells Leather Jacket (Shop via Amazon)


Hunter Zolomon (Jay Garrick) also known as Zoom (Teddy Sears) is the main antagonist in the second and third season of the CW TV series “The Flash”. Zoom the Flash CW is also a major antagonist in the Arrowverse where he becomes speedster after expose in an experiment during execution.

Zoom Cosplay Costume (Shop via Ebay)

Zoom Leather Jacket (Product Page)

DC Comic is filled with several superheroes which accumulate huge fan and followers around the world therefore if you are interested in the costume ideas of DC Comic Characters other than The Flash, Click Here!

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