Deadpool and Harley Quinn are different in character, having no such similarities that they can attract each other, being in love, spend private time and to born babies. I saw a number of fan-fiction in which fans really want to see both of them in a movie. The issue regarding their appearance separately is that; both have partners to whom they love very much, even die for them i.e. Copycat and Joker. It can be possible if they both kept-a-side; make a pair of Harley Quinn with Deadpool and start a new family life.


Every single person who loves the character of Harley Quinn knows that she is really a bombshell and many women cos-playing her while on work. While on the other hand, Deadpool is talkative with attractive personality. So there must be some chances that both get attract with others.

Fans in many articles and in drawing make Harley’s closer view with Dealpool to show their love from kissing to bed. Some fans showed in their artwork that Deadpool can’t hold his old while watching her beauty in a bombshell costume. Most of the artist showed Deadpool’s made love with Harley; similar to her made love that she was doing with the Joker in every episode we saw in batman series.


Not only Harley Quinn’s character is sizzling and hot in every costume she wore; women who wear similar costumes will seem to be with the same characteristics that Harley have. Due to the craziest behavior of both the super brands I thought that if they fuse and give birth to their babes they are as crazy as Harley Pool and Dead Quinn.

We are not highlighting the sexual attraction of both the character; it is easily available on google with different stories including the fire of Deadpool ‘s gun inside the Harley Quinn. Not even in write-ups fans also cos-played to make Harley Couple with Deadpool instead of Joker and Copycat. And may after that they fuse on the bed to entertain their relationship without having shy feelings. You can check more adult post on different topics. If you like to see DIY Guide of other DC and Marvel superheroes check this out and like our facebook page for regular updates.