Recent days, life is very busy for all working man and woman. Being considering the routine whether in term of Office/Job or at home. Sometimes you can’t have time to spend for your personal grooming. People working hard at their work to earn remuneration that they can re-invest to get a relaxed life for themselves and for family. Now these days, it is hard to remember the name of goods which is going to be finished at our home, which show our biggest mistake in front of our family and all the blame lies on our shoulder. Consumer thought that they will buy these good when visited to Super Store at the beginning of new month when visit the Store to purchase grocery and other related goods. But Most of the time it would happen that we accurately purchased our desired grocery and other things but forgot to buy that good which was already ended at our place. After doing this type of mistake what will happen to us we all are well aware of it. In order to better services to consumer Amazon have a solution to resolve these types of circumstances. Anyone can get benefit of those deals and facilities which Amazon was introduced and provide to all their shopper, now it upto the buyer that whether he/she want to facilitate themselves by accepting all such offers make a worried less life.

Home goods are never get compromise as it involved all necessary products which make our life reasonable. Most of the times the problem arises and you got know that most required grocery/other goods were finished at your residence and you have no time to order that item from any online store just for the reason that the delivery would be made within 24 hours, this is the hazardous situation ever and we are feeling ashamed of our laziness. However, this would never happen all the time as most of the users who live alone or with friends in sharing are addict to take their meal restaurant like Mc Donald, Pizza Hut etc. On the contrary sometimes issues created on weekend when you planned for laundry and detergent box was empty and you think “Oh My God! I forgot again to have my detergent and this time I will never borrow it from any neighbor”. By considering all those situations and circumstances Amazon has introduced the Dash Button facility to support consumer to order different brands of item from your home without visiting website. This device will be connected with Wi-fi and help you out to refill all your required item once a month anytime. Introducing these services will lead Amazon to serve their buyers so that they may save their time to visit a store either physically or through any device, buy the desire product, come back home and use it. You need to feel a relaxed life by pressing just a button and your order will automatically be placed to Amazon. For promotion of this Amazon Dash they are providing the Credit facility for consumer after using it first time.

Those who are worried about the safety of Amazon dash, don’t worry its safe for the reason that Amazon was not receive any further order until they complete the first order. Further you can avail other dash button introduced by Amazon for individual items and they are giving credit facility for $4.95 after your first purchase. Thing got easier if you want to. Many of the consumers are taking benefit of this facility and make their life simpler and relaxed. There is a video guide to shows you how can install any of these Dash Buttons individually at your place. Let’s check the main areas in which most of the time you are rush to visit store for desperate buying.



When you have family along with kids you can’t waste time to discourage yourself for your laziness that you forget to grab the most important items in grocery while your visit last weekend at Super Store. This is the most critical situation when you are very tired, came home and see that the item is finished, your family and children need it desperately and you can’t wait to buy it on weekend, you have to visit store immediately to purchase it. In order to avoid such circumstances you must try to use the facility which was introduced by Amazon in the shape of Dash Button.

For grocery purpose Amazon has placed a number brands that you can order like Smart Water Dash Button, Red Bull Dash Button, Illy Coffee Dash Button etc. and many more. What we most required in grocery should always be with us at our home all the time. Well if consider myself, I can’t stay away from coffee for a single day while coming back from work so I must be vigilant all the time that this product never get finished before I bought the new one. Sometimes I bought extra in order to avoid the worst situation but after receiving Amazon Dash Button of Starbucks Coffee two months earlier, I feel relaxed, no need to buy extra, no need to worry and no need to run to have it when it get end. Similarly, Gatorade Button help me out to fulfill my protein requirement for my work out every day in the morning, precisely to control mouth odor I need Trident / Orbit / Mentos always be in my pocket every time when I took my lunch outside with friends and colleagues. Best part of life began on weekend when all the family members gather at my place to watch movies including either Super Heroes e.g X-Men, Avengers, Justice League, Marvel and DC Comic. Children are very much attached with these Super Brands they watch them with concentration and demand for the arrangement of their costumes for Cos-Play. We all know that we need snacks or Popcorn while watching movies especially on weekends and if you don’t have any such thing at your home on that time you are the killer of happiness of the other family member and make their weekends dark at an instant. So I must have those entertaining good at my place before the arrival all the members. Amazon Dash Button for Popcorn and Doritos Dash Button is always here to help me out to overcome these situations.

My Kid love to eat sweat/Chocolate and want to receive it every day when I come back home from work. And if in any case I forgot to pause at store after returning from work to buy any sweat product for my Son he become SAD which make me feel ashamed that why shouldn’t I fulfill a little demand of him. Every single body is facing identical situation as after taking a huge burden of work we were most of time not remember to stop at store.  But thanks to Amazon again who make it easy for me and for all of us by introducing Hershey’s Varity / Larabar Dash button who fulfill our requirement. And service us to buy our desired merchandise prior it get ended and make our kids happy. Further this Dash Button give me variety of sweats and don’t let my Son bored with similar brand.

Energy drink are becoming need of the end user these day as they can’t take hard drink while spending time with family. But they are not restricted while spending time with friends outside especially in weekends going to parties and club, drinking Whisky & other drink and also doing bad things after get drunk hardly. Good to see that now Amazon have Dash Button for Energy Drink Which you can order any time just pressing a single button and continue your enjoyment with the family and be cautious don’t forget to order when half of the previous order come to an end.



When we have a big family, our requirement are quite bigger than the others because everyone in the family use household supplies by their own way so it would be difficult to predict that the item we have should conclude with in the whole month or not. Sometime we got late to order those supplies for some unidentified reasons. On the contrary, if you have Dash Button for Bounty, Tide, etc. at your home you don’t need to remember. Any member of the family can order such supplies without intimating or rely on others. If you check comments of consumer from different channels through Google you will shock to see that people are very relaxed by having these facility and it will make their worries away from themselves.



Beauty and the attraction of woman will never compromised because it give them boldness and self-confidence which make them superior among others. These woman must have to groom themselves in order look amazing and attractive but when those beauty product comes to an end and they sometimes don’t have time to buy it from store. We all well aware that woman’s can’t satisfied without selecting physically. Trend of buying are recently change and woman are also ordering the items online from tablet or iphone. With new ear facility you can order your brand by pressing the Dash Button.

Ladies are very energetic, they can work more than a man and they also have ability to do multiple task, after doing all task from Job and home she get sometime nervous and tired and forgot to order the items of consumption who make their beauty sustain all they day. Amazon has millions of product to sale you can order your needy good either directly visiting the website from your PC / tablet / phone and for those who don’t want to serve internet they can use Dash Button for ordering their items.

Women are truly addicted of shopping, they can’t let themselves away from shopping. Some people quote that they gone die if they don’t let to buy any product for their grooming. Further, ladies are devotee to visit mall for window shopping, rooming all places just to buy a single product. This Amazon service would help especially males for instance boyfriend, lover and husband to make their woman happy by arranging these beauty product prior their need.



Including human Pets are also the important part of our family, so it is our greatest responsibility to care of them in terms of their health and food. People who love pets and understand that they the part of the family, they should give them healthy food being considering them as a living being. Amazon Dash is also providing their services for Pets products and let yourself out from all your worries of arrangement of food or any related items for your pet. These innocent pet will always obey their care taker and would never demand to have their food of their choice therefore it is our duty to feel them that they are not alone and we be very great full of their presence as they are the important part of our family.

GOD is great, He provide food to everyone whether he/she is human or animal or insects or any living thing. We can’t compete Him but at least we can fulfill our duties to get inner satisfaction.


 healthcare-dash-buttonHealth is most important zone of life. Making yourself healthy is most difficult part of your life but nothing is impossible make oneself healthy. Health make you to get rid of all weakness and illness. When you are healthy you can work a lot. Healthy life will treat healthy relation with family, girlfriend and friends for either short or long time. As all of us are well aware that on weekends when couples meet with each other for fun going PUB for dancing and drinking and after drinking they can’t let their inner feelings control and pleasuring each other without any precautions. These habits are the reason for the spreading of diseases like AIDS all around the world even the third world countries are also affect with the disease. Virginity of either sexes are getting lower in almost every area of the world. Not for the reason that when they feel hotness in their body they need to let it cold by doing inter-relation with their partner. It is traditionally found in number of countries that man and woman are allowed to have personal relation after marriage such that in some cases they don’t even aware about the opposite sexes.

Like we need food to fulfill our hunger requirement, similarly, the human body who switch to adolescence are also needy for their inner satisfaction with opposite gender. We know that it’s the habit of human being, that, when they get chance to have a sexual relation with their partner they can’t control themselves and not even wait to take precaution before intercourse. This is is truly a mistake because people forget to buy these censored products before connecting each other. Amazon by considering private time requirement also introduced the Dash Button for Trojan and other health product which let you always have first precaution in your pocket. Otherwise the second precaution will be applied to have the pills for woman for birth control, however most of the women’s are taking these pill regularly as a precautions but sometimes these precaution would be useless and they got pregnant, may be due to powerful shaking and sprite-up ability of man. Many NGO’s are working to aware people of third world countries that they should have to use condom as a precaution before having sex with their partner in order control birth rate. Further, it was found in recent day that men’s are internally getting weak and these weakness make hazardous effect to their marital as well as sexual life. Ladies left their boyfriend as they are retired and a new partner to make them happy sexuallyNumber of guides are available for the cure of these types of issues on internet or you can buy pills from them to give you strength every day before having in-out relation with your partner. It was found that due to such type unnecessary reasons most of the marriages are over.


All the relation start from love and continue with kids. When couple plan to have kids they started to stop taking precaution and blessed with a child. Except some cases when either man is not capable to become father while in other hand woman can’t get birth to a child. But if you have child GOD has blessed you, now it is your duty to give them better, relaxed and worried free life. Parents are well known about the difficulty facing by them during taking care of child including jobs and cooking food. With these circumstance you are be unable to remember the baby products. We have some Dash Button to order the baby food, pampers, wipes and other things before it get empty.

Including all above Dash Buttons Amazon also introduced some new Dash Buttons to make our life simple. It is our moto to let our user the best guide and services which make their life easier and successful. We all are not a Superman but we have super qualities to treat our family with the best facility we can avail easily. Human nature can’t match with each other but can get better and better if you compromise and forget the mistakes of you love ones. We all love our woman and precisely they also loved us but due some little misunderstanding will make crakes in our relation. These crakes will lead to separation of two lovely heart who had sworn to spend their lives with each other and not to get separate due to any reason or situation. Relation does not means that having sex when you have time or when you need to and if any one can’t fulfill the sexual need the other will find their best match to relax their organ and left the previous one. Any way we are not here to discuss the worst issues of relation which are happening everywhere in the world. All you just try to make your life easy and successful with Amazon. Do try it and you will definitely love it.
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