Christmas come with greater happiness, it is the season to share your love and affection with you family, friend, colleagues and love ones. Giving gift to each other was made a tradition since few years but this make their faces to have natural charm when we share gift with them. Everyone is ready to celebrate this occasion by decorating their house with family to feel the real essence of this event. Below we have discussed different categories of gift that can be selected by different age groups.

1.Parent Pick TOYS:-

Being a guardian and the caretaker of our children, we search the best product for them. Most of the time kids love it a lot and give positive comments but sometimes they did not give any comments but it give happiness when we saw that they enjoy playing with it. Following are the list of gift that can be selected by the parents by their own for their children of different age.


Power Wheels Camo Dune Racer


Fisher-Price Train Inflatable Ball Pit


Girl Weighted Doll Gift Set


Candy Construction Building Set

Monster Treads Flippers Boar Combine Vehicle

2. Kids Pick TOYS:-

When our kids become elder and receives all their senses then they started to demand their selected gift which sometimes not  according to our pocket. Then under such situation we were waiting for the two biggest event to come with special discount on sales are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most of the times Children get confuse to decide which toy they love to buy at this event, following our best pick gift that a child can select by their own.

Ultra Drone with One Touch Take-Off & Landing

N-Strike Mega Mastodon



SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula


Wonder Workshop Dash Robot


Backyard Safari Cargo Vest


Disney Minnie Mouse


Skylanders Imaginators

3. Stem Pick TOYS:-

Including all above toys you can also consider the gift related to scientific items for boys and girls. These level of toys appreciate our child to play with science oriented material, increase their knowledge and build their interest in science. Every single gift which fulfill the educational requirement and motivate our child will give best support in their progress and success. Following the Stem pick toys for children are displayed.


Grow your own living fuel cell


Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game


Magnet Science Kit


National Geographic Dual Microscope Science Lab


WowWee Coder MiP Robot Toy


Mini Maker 3D Printer


National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

4. Active Play Gift:-

Psychologically a child is very active as compared to the elders. They need excitement every time whatever the work they doing. We displayed below some of the active play gift that keep your child’s attention on the toy, build their activeness further and little exercise will make their body healthy and wise. Every parent have a dream that their child will be active, brilliant, energetic and fun loving. Children who did not take part in sport are become naturally lazy, unfit and disturb.


Space Scooter Ride ON


The Train Thomas with Track

Hot Wheels Push Around Racer Ride


BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes


Power Wheels Chrome Dune Racer

5. Mini Madness Gift:-

Children between the ages of 5 to 7 years love to play toys having adventure. This is the age when you hold your child against any act he will have curiosity to try it, they are again and again until they satisfied just to check the reason behind your restriction. In order to enhance their mind level consider below mentioned Mini Madness toy. These gifts make your child busy in playing rather using his mind into any unjustified act. These gift also support our child to make new creation with in the tools that we are providing them.


My Mini MixieQ’s Bundle


Portable Playset: Jinja’s House

6. Tech Toys Guide:-

Giving innovative gift to your child will build their interest in the field of technology. It is natural phenomena that liking and disliking of a child will change according to their age. In some case it would happen that younger boys and girls like toys of the elder one and vice versa. Science is the mother of fiction and selecting goods related to fiction will build strong interest towards them. Following are some innovative technical toys available for children:-

Overdrive Starter Kit



3D Pen With 50 Plastic Strands


CHiP Robot Toy Dog


Polar Express Remote Train Set


littleBits Electronics Premium Kit


Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The above given guide is also the part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that give consumer full authority to buy with special discounts. Easy shopping facility with relaxing life is available easily with Amazon Dash. Be remember although in this event online stores have maximum quantity of different products but you must be hurry to have your product unless it get sold. Start your searching now, select the best good you want and save it to buy on the event.


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