After deep thinking and imagination J. K Rolling build a successful magical fiction story that covers all the corner that viewer want while reading the book. Story begins with different scenario and every new episode would attract the interest of viewer with something very strange which is beyond the imagination of fan. Everyone knows how he begin his journey and how it comes to end till the death of Voldemort. There are a lot more thing common in between Harry and Lord Voldemort which was connected by the 7 HORCRUX which are displayed below.

Everybody know that Harry Potter is the chosen one  and strange thing was that Voldemort is the selector for his destruction. Role of Harry was truly supported by his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Hermione being an amazing beauty that why she caught in an unbelievable collection. Everyone in the Wizardry World have separate identity with separate quality wand which was collected in one plateform to gift your friends and family who really love the collectibles of Harry Potter and feeling happy to be the biggest fan of him. Everything was finalized in Deathly Hallows but still fans feel the existence of Voldemort. Following are the Horcrux of Voldemort which is settle to become the Lord of the Wizardry World but unlike every successful story he would not get the victory.

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Every single fans have these horcrux in their collection and if anyone have anything missing you can order from the above displayed guide. Harry Potter is the inspiration of every fan and if you notice how he is courageous, having good concentration on his work, and always work for the betterment of the people therefore you should also have to follow his good deed as an essence of the Character that you love a lot. Watching movie and reading book only is nothing, further collection of Harry Potter merchandise) are not enough if did not absorb the positive power that Harry Potter spread in every episode of his movie.

It is further appreciated to all those fans who are not only have collect the merchandise of Harry Potter, they are the people who make their life according to the spirit that Harry have. Harry never speak and think negative, he never did anything wrong with anyone, he never bully anyone and the most important thing is that he never step back before fulfill his promise. Everyone who is fan of him are really appreciated and honorable because he knows every secret that reveals from the story of Harry Potter.

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