We bring you the best guide from STAR WARS to gift your loved ones at any time not limit to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the release of new episodes or any other special event. Every event is valuable but what if you decide to gift your friend and family anytime you like. Through this guide, you are feeling free to select the best gift for the fan who really loves to collect the merchandise from the Star Wars.

Star Wars have a number of fans who collect merchandise daily, weekly, monthly and yearly without considering the price of that product for themselves, family and friends. This is also the right time that you can select the best gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. The following are the gift guide for Star Wars merchandise.



The concept of the gift was highlighted by the couples by exchanging gifts on different occasions. These feelings make the grip of the relationship stronger. The gift does not need any occasion; gift your partner any day without any event. This year it seems that partners focus the merchandise related to their Superheroes for exchange of gifts. Stars Wars has given the most interesting merchandise to the consumer. Women love jewelry and when it related to the brand she likes, she feels die if she does not get it. The following are some Star Wars Jewelry Collection for the lovely ladies.

Rebel Alliance Stainless Steel Pendant: Amazon

The ancient logo of Rebel Alliance in stainless steel is the best gift for the fan. Do not think that whether you gift cheap or costly products, always think about the feelings of the fan which he/she shows after receiving such a nice gift.

Millennium Falcon zinc alloy pendant: Amazon

Every design has some historic background and when such design available in from of the pendant which further gift to the person to wear will also become the part of the legend and the purity of the product looks attractive on their neck.

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Pendant: Amazon

Huge collections of jewelry are available for ladies but this necklace can be worn by males and females both to appreciate the artwork in the Mandalorian Necklace.

R2-D2 Heart Necklace: Amazon

Friendship is one of the most honorable relations in the world. People can do anything for there best friend. They are like stars to support each other in hardship and to share happiness in a good time. This is the best gift which shows you bounding with your friend with these 2 pcs R2D2 and CP03 best friend necklace.

Storm Trooper 3D Necklace: Amazon

Storm Trooper necklace is the best necklace that you can gift the one who is dying to collect from the franchise.

BB-8 Long Necklace: Amazon

BB8 robot was bought by a number of fans for themselves and for their children to play under the shelter of android application. Later android watch has been introduced to the consumer and BB8 robot necklace is displayed for the fans who still want to have collection related to it.

Darth Vader Pendant: Amazon

Like Storm Trooper, Darth Vader is also available in the beautiful artwork to consider as a lovely gift for the fans of Star Wars characters.


Ladies, whether young or old do not control herself if she has products related to the Star Wars. These collection earrings can be worn at any time to satisfy Star Wars’ most innovative product touches their body and feel the voice of attraction from them.

Lightsaber Earrings: Amazon

Ladies who are lucky to have this lightsaber earring whether to buy herself or someone gift you may be on your birthday.

Rebel Alliance Dangle Earrings: Amazon

A decent girlfriend who is a fan of Star Wars franchise be very happy at the time of receiving this Rebel Alliance Earring.

Darth Vader Stainless Steel Stud Earrings: Amazon

Like women, men are also starting to make a hole in their ear to wear earrings, etc and this the gift that you can consider to any of your friends male or female.

Millennium Falcon 3D Dangle Earrings: Amazon

Best buddies will really love to have this sexiest, most attractive gift.

R2-D2 3D Cast Stud Earrings: Amazon

A female friend will love to wear this R2D2 earring and this product looks very attractive being the part of her face.

Yoda Stud Earrings: Amazon

A good deed will attract good people and this Yoda earring gift shows that the person has good nature and good relations with the others.


Storm Trooper Ring: Amazon

People who live in passion and can not let them out of fashion. These are the people who sometimes walk on the street wearing every product belong to the Star wars and for them, this is the right thing to gift. Hey, buddy, you look awesome when you wear it!

Jedi Symbol Cut Out Ring: Amazon

Women are the biggest fans of Jedi so this ring is the best gift for them who love this character along with the entire series of Star Wars.

I Love You and I Know Couple Ring: Amazon

Romantic gift for couples by the Han Sole and Prices Leia rings from Star Wars. It is a simple way to propose the person you love and hope to have a positive response.


When winter arrives fashion change many consumers buy Sweater, leather Jackets and hoodies for themselves and for their family members. These are the right product that you can to gift your friend, elder and younger as it according to the fashion and belongs to the category which they like a lot. The Internet is full of Star Wars Hoodies in which we select some best hoodies that you love to gift others any time you like.

Jedi Order Logo Hoodie: Amazon

In Star Wars Jedi have been followed by the number of followers to Cos-play for many years and this Jedi Logo Hoodie is one of the best product which is still used to Cos-play without any convention or Halloween.

Star Wars Rebel Hoodie: Amazon

Feeling the softness and good stitching will lead the consumer to feel satisfaction while wearing it in public because the fan feels proud to rebel alliance when he feels to have complete satisfaction with the outfit he wears.

Support Our Troops Hoodie: Amazon

Living in unity and working in a group is the biggest lesson every one received from the Star Wars. Supporting your troop and community will lead every one of you to make the community prosper and success.

Darth Vader Hoodie: Amazon

Disney is the real merchandiser of the Darth Vader product. After Cos-play Strom Trooper huge numbers of Cos-players follow the costume of Dart Vader along with the identical voice Mask.

Stormtrooper Hoodie: Amazon

Storm Trooper, the army looks amazing in their soft white color uniform similarly these hoodies enhance the look of the StormTrooper head under its bright white shade.

Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie: Amazon

This Chewbacca Hoodie is the best selection to become warm in winter. It precisely works like a sweater or jacket that you feel free to wear in winter.

Star Wars Logo Hoodie: Amazon

Star Wars is the symbol of freedom and with this logo, you are feeling to wear anything which gives you passion and boldness.

The Force Awakening Hoodie: Amazon

Star Wars: The Force Awakening Hoodie is most attractive among all who love to wear or gift others, this belongs to be one of the most recent episodes from the Star Wars.


Leather Jacket is a perfect item for Cos-play your hero from the Star Wars Series. Winter is the right time that you can consider to buy Leather Jacket for yourself or for others. Let’s check some of the most popular Leather Jacket worn by the characters of Star Wars in different series.

Han Solo Leather Jacket: Amazon

This Jacket was worn by the Harrison Ford in Force Awakens and this is a hot brand running recently and best gift for the loved ones and friends.

Poe Dameron Finn Jacket: Amazon

The character of Finn was loved by the number of fans and this Leather Jacket is the part of Finn costume which you can also select to wear any time. Finn spread his attraction on the heart of male as well as female fans that’s why we are in searching the woman version of Finn Leather Jacket.

Distressed Brown Poe Dameron Jacket: Amazon

Identical brand of Finn Jacket but quite different in color, therefore we bring this to you to select the best you like for yourself or gift for others.

Jyn Erso Jacket with Vest: Amazon

This Jacket was worn by the Jyn Esro in Star Wars: Rogue One movie which is loved by the number of ladies and this is the right time to gift your ladies the soft and attractive look Jacket and vest as a token of love.

Captain Cassian Andor Jacket: Amazon

This Jacket can be a gift for the person who is a soft-spoken and positive nature like Captain Cassian to show that he is honored for his good character and lovely nature.

Skywalker Jacket: Amazon

Talking about the history of Luke Skywalker is not necessary as we know that you are the biggest fan of Star Wars. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has elaborate on the character more precise. Rey, the strongest character from the Star Wars who spend his journey to find the Master Jedi for war and this super quality lining Jacket is the best gift for the Ray fans. Considering the attraction of fans we found these Jacket which is sober, soft color and texture in look. People who interested in the collection of Leather Jacket can also see this 11 Dc Comic Leather Jacket collection for Cos-play in winter and Holiday season.


Star Wars bring you the best seasonal gift that you may also consider for others. Sweater shows that how much you are caring for others; selecting the best gift will show your care about their liking. Star Wars Movies give motivation to the viewer that never step back in the time of difficulty and be ready to face the situation that definitely provides you a chance to get a victory.

Storm Trooper Sweater: Amazon

However, there are many fiction movies available like Harry Potter, Captain America, Batman, etc but still, people love to see science fiction. Science fiction is more interested than magic which does not base on any theory or facts.

Chewbacca Ugly Christmas Sweater: Amazon

It is difficult to search for a person who never saw an episode of Star Wars. Search results reveal that millions of people around the world; interested to update themselves with every new episode of Star Wars.

Jedi Yoda Sweater: Amazon

People who are true fans of Star Wars feel honor while wearing any merchandise related to it; they are proud to have such good items in their bucket.

Hans Solo Star Wars: Amazon

Discuss anything related to the Star War Collection are useless because fans know everything related to it and even it is found that like Doctor Who collection, they are collecting the best merchandise to increase their collection and prove to be the biggest fan of Star Wars around the world.

Christmas Sweater: Amazon

True friends never ready to hurt others at any cost. Sith is the symbol of true friendship that is however ugly by face but lovely in terms of friendship.

Star Wars R2D2 Ugly Sweater: Amazon

Nobody is a puppet in this world or a machine that can follow the instruction of others. With love and smile you can make people your followers do and what do want like R2D2.

AT-AT Striped Unisex Sweater: Amazon

Looking tall is nothing, everyone has to rise up their thinking for a better future. People who have high thought always look at height among others; this is the best lesson everyone should follow from Star Wars.

Santa Holiday Sweater: Amazon

Being commando in nature will like this sweater; its eye-catching view will definitely get a good comment. Gift this to the person who is Bounty Hunter in the world of fantasy.

Vader Claus Sweater: Amazon

Artist is trying to make an unusual connection they sometimes Darth Vader to wear a Christmas hat and do the duties of Santa while on other hand create a relationship between the Deadpool and Harley Quinn to produce Harley pool and Dead Quinn. Star Wars characters are performing the duties of Santa Clause every year on Christmas; these collections are selected by a number of fans to gift their friends and family.

Christmas is the event where people consider to gift their loved ones most related to their liking. Star Wars created its best relation with the holiday this year by releasing the new episode Star Wars: Rogue One so that fans consider to buy their merchandise as a Christmas Gift and they get the highest selling rate of the movies and the merchandise. (Related: Star Wars Collection)