Minions are most talented, skillful and fun loving community in the society. They always need leader to guide them and give them task to do work. They followed many creatures to be their leader but every one fails including Scarlet Overkill. Gru be the best leader for them who give them a perfect task and shelter. People got inspired with the episode of Despicable Me 2 but the best part of this costume is that DIY of this costume is so easy as compared to the costume guide of Superman, BatmanHarley Quinn and Captain America etc.

Think once that what happen when our children watching the episode of Minions. The smile on their faces makes the environment pleasant. Our children are great fans of them and they are waiting to watch the new episode as Despicable Me 3 with some new villains and new adventures. Following are the category wise costume guide:-

Adult Male Costume

Minion Dave Costume (Product Page)

Let begin this costume guide with the male member of the society, you can compare them as the head of the family. Good thing in this costume is that you can have goggles, jump suit, head peace and gloves at one shop.

Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford (Product Page)

Make this costume complete by adding this shoes. Now here a point to think that if you already have office shoes use them otherwise buy this pair of leather shoes which you can also used for office purpose.

Adult Female Costume

Minion Woman Costume (Product Page)

Including male, female are the biggest fans of minions and their funny act. Like male costume female costume are also easy with all necessary accessories as uniform dress, gloves, headband, goggles and knee socks.

Yellow Seamless Leggings (Product Page)

Many women don’t like to wear short dresses so your tensions are over you can wear this full length legging as a part of your costume. Its up to the Cos-player whatever style she feel comfortable and look beautiful.

Party Mid Heeled Pumps (Product Page)

The thing that is missing in the costume are the pair of the shoes to make the costume complete. You can also wear this 2.5’’ pump at wedding, Halloween party and other parties. This can be best combine with the Denim, Maxi and dress etc.

Male Kid Costume

Dave Minion Kid Costume (Product Page)

Complete costume available with all necessary accessories for the male kid of your family. Cheap price is not a compromise of the quality of this costume. Look like minion, spending time in playing and fun are the general requirement of our kid.

Lace-Up Dress Shoe (Product Page)

Make your kid costume by adding this shoes which can later be used as school shoes next. If you don’t want an expense to buy this shoes please proceed with the shoes your kid already have.

Female Kid Costume

Female Minion Kids Costume (Product Page)

Our little angle also wants to wear the costume of the Minion. This costume is identical in brand with the costume displayed in the Adult Female caption but available in the kid size also.

Girl’s Footless Leggings (Product Page)

Let our kid to make their own decision whether they like to wear yellow legging with the costume or not. In my opinion kid must wear legging to give the brighter minion look with some new style.

Little Girl Kids Mid Heel Sandal (Product Page)

Like adult female kid need this pair of shoes to complete their costume which initially wear for cos-play and later this pair of shoes be the best match with the other dresses to wear in the parties and other events.


Despicable Me 2 Minion Romper (Product Page)

Your little camp can also wear the identical costume that every family member wears. Like other costume this costume can only contain the jump suit and the headpiece. Kid you look great in this outfit, Please don’t act like Minionssssssssss…

Toddler Oxford Shoe (Product Page)

Toddler shoes are not preferable but these pair of shoes is made up with extra softness that a toddler can easily wear and walk. You need to arrange this pair of shoes to complete the costume.

Male Plus Size Costume

Men’s Plus Size Dave Minion Costume (Product Page)

Arrangement of perfect size are the biggest problem for the over weighted person but now you don’t have to worry as with this guide you can find your best fit plus size costume to cos-play your favorite character from the animated movies.

Female plus size Costume

Plus Size Female Minion Costume (Product Page)

Like male female who are in plus have issues regarding their outfit of almost all event including the selection of Bridal Collection for wedding ceremony. Now don’t have to worry with our bridal collection guide and by this guide you can order your plus size costume for Cos-play and other events.

Women’s Cotton Plus Size Leggings (Product Page)

Along with the plus size costume you can also try this plus size legging to cover you legs. It is best look and perfect match with the costume you select to wear.

Despicable Me Gru Costume

Gru Adult

Despicable Me 2 Gru and Mask (Product Page)

Cos-player who like to cos-play Gru from Despicable Me 2 can try this outfit. This costume is available for adult that includes zipper shirt, pant and mask.

Jungle Boot (Product Page)

With this costume you need to add boot to make the identical look with Gru. This boot can be use as casual. Since, it is available in cheaper cost so we can’t assure the quality of boot as compared to the branded product.

Minions were the unique idea given to make people fun with the character, make habit of laugh and adopt the idea for carrying others. There a lot more skilled people in the world who think that they are made to serve the owner, in my opinion rather servicing whole life try to judge yourself whether you are best qualified to earn as much as you are earning now. We know that no body is interested in taking risk because we are not Harry Potter or Doctor who or from Star War to control the situation with wand, tradis or lightsaber as if the case may be our risk response negative. Because, in real world if you are hardworking like minions and lucky, than you will achieve every single goal of your life.

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