Steven Universe is the most popular series from 2013 till now at Cartoon Network. Every fan knows the history, background, and characters of this show along with their gems and power. Many Cos-players get benefited through our 28+ Character costume guide for Halloween and convention. Still, fans want costume guide of every new character from this series to Cos-play whenever they want. Not even this some people are using this theme to celebrate their children’s birthday.

Considering the need and will of our reader we have gathered some Steven Universe merchandise as follows that you can buy for yourself or gift to children for the age of 4 and under, spouse, friends and other family members.

Steven Universe Star T-Shirt: Amazon

Cosplay at the particular event needs a perfect effort to look according to the character that you select for cos-play. If you like to cosplay on a casual basis than you require the following outfit that you love to wear any time you like.

Steven Fusions Long Sleeve T-shirt: Amazon

Not even buy this for yourself only, you can gift these items to your boyfriend, girlfriend, kid or any family member to cosplay their character as in casual outfit.

All Character For Kid’s T-shirt: Amazon

We have gone through maximum blogs that describe gift guides and merchandises related to characters or movies etc. but no sign of pillowcases are found. Everybody knows that young girls, teen and adult women love to have their personal pillow-like shown above either sitting on a bed or watching TV. But nobody has yet considered gifting this lovely item to them to show your love and care towards them and their particular character or series. Following are some pillowcase which you love to gift you lovely lady any time.

Steven Universe Cushion: Amazon

We are pretty much sure that when you gift any of these to the lady that belongs to you she be very happy and you feel proud when she hug that pillow in front of you especially in their leisure hours as well as talking to you.

Star Coffee Mug: Amazon

Steven Universe is our kid’s most favorite carton which is not limited to age as it may include adults as well in its list of followers. Teatime and milk time, especially before sleeping, be the most attentive timings where you face difficulty to convince your child for taking liquid meal but within this attractive designed Mug we bet your child will never deny drinking milk, so check these mugs to gift your child as a worthy product for them.

Cookie Cat Photo Coffee Mug: Amazon

Many people thought that giving a gift is the wastage of money so secure yourself with this disastrous process. You are doing hard work for your family and kids but how can you ensure them that this hard work of earning money is only for their present and future. In our opinion with this money spend a little amount to make them happy by giving a gift on a casual basis because we think that by continuing such a habit you are not wasting your money, you are investing it to make your family happy and healthy.

Funko Pop: Amazon

Our children while watching every episode of the Steven Universe get to enter into the character they love to, for such love and attraction will lead us to search the plush and funko pop of the Steven Universe character so that our kids may lucky to have those gift from their parents.

Lapis Lazuli’s Mirror Pendant: Amazon

Women and young girls have craze of collection of jewelry which is not limited to the metal i.e. gold, silver, etc. They need something more, other than that which related to the show they are watching or any of their favorite characters and if you gift any such item to them then you be the best dad, brother or husband.

Steven Universe Amethyst Necklace: Amazon

Including family members, you will gift such items to your girlfriend on any occasion you like either birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Steven Universe Hoodies: Amazon

Winter is going on and hoodie is the best item to cosplay your character on a casual basis. Further, we recommend the hoodie be the best item to gift your loved ones from either gender to gather their attention towards you.

Steven Universe Hoodie: Amazon

Looking attractive within such design is your decision. Whoever wears this Hoodie whether man or woman will look most eye-catching in the winter season.

Star Crewneck Sweater: Amazon

Like Hoodies sweater be the most lovely and authentic item to gift others especially your young kid. Further, you can buy one for yourself to build confidence in your child; that you are also taking an interest in the product they want to have without any delay.

Gauntlet Board Game: Amazon

As a loving module people never stop themselves from the collection of Steven Universe. You will find many ideas given by different manufacturers regarding games. Spend your free time with children, friends, and family along with some of them are displayed below.

Monopoly: Amazon

Playing cards or monopoly with favorite characters may increase the fun and interest of the fans, especially children. So boys and girls are ready to have your character in your hand while playing these games. Teens are the biggest fan of Steven and they become very happy when you gift them any of the following items.

Steven Universe Backpack: Amazon

All the above designs are available regarding the age and liking of girls & boys both. Just you have to decide which one you like to have as your personal accessories form Steven Universe.

Steven Universe Shoes: Amazon

Like other merchandise, you will like some most attractive prints and designs; available in the form of baseball and other shoes. These shoes are attractive to you and your kid; who is very cheerful if you gift them without any event or occasion.

Garnet Action Figure: Amazon

Being an adult you will but this key chain for yourself to put your car/house keys in it. Steven Universe key chain is unique in nature; it glows in dark to gather attraction of your surroundings towards your key chain, especially in dark.

“Believe in Steven” Trucker Hat: Amazon

Not limited to the collectibles in a particular category. You will like these miscellaneous other products related to the same series; which we are viewing without any missing episode.

Cookie Cat Space Leggings: Amazon

Steven Universe with all characters are the most appreciated and fun-loving cartoon. It makes the number of fans within a short span of time. If you are interested in more gift ideas click here.