The Walking Dead referred to be the world of Zombies, an American horror drama which reveals the group of survivor who survive within in the disaster situation among zombies. Many characters from this series were loved and cos-played by the fans including Negan Costume. Here, we don’t want to discuss the story line or history of the show, we write this blog to make our reader relax that they don’t have to rush to the nearest shopping mall to book the recent merchandise from the Walking Dead which was later become costly as per the liking of consumer.

With this technological world we suggest all possible merchandise related to the Walking Dead in this article so that you don’t have to visit shopping mall any more. With this below mentioned guide you can check the product online and order the same in advance to avoid last movement gift arrangement. Gift trend has been changed as in past people like to buy casual as well as luxury good to their love ones but in recent day they want merchandise from the series they love or belongs to the character they follow. You will definitely like these merchandise for yourself or to gift others without waiting for an event.

Negan Playing Card T-shirt (Shop from Amazon)

Adjustable Sunshade Hat (Shop from Amazon)

Daryl Ceramic Crossbow Coffee Mug (Shop from Amazon)

TWD Charm Necklace (Shop from Amazon)

Daryl Claimed Laser Cut T-Shirt (Shop from Amazon)

Daryl Dixon Chopper fleece throw blanket (Shop from Amazon)

Wristband We’re All Infected (Shop from Amazon)

Changing Zombie Mug (Shop from Amazon)

Walking Dead Dog Tag with Crossbow Keychain (Shop from Amazon)

Gel Pens (Shop from Amazon)

The Walking Dead Hoodies (Shop from Amazon)

Playing Cards (Shop from Amazon)

Walking Dead Bracelet (Shop from Amazon)

Trivia Game (Shop from Amazon)

Silvertone Charm Bracelet (Shop from Amazon)

Zombie Knife (Shop from Amazon)

Zombie Survival Notes (Shop from Amazon)

The Best Defense Board Game (Shop from Amazon)

Mrs. Daryl Dixon Heart Mug (Shop from Amazon)

Velvet Thicken Jacket (Shop from Amazon)

Crossbow Style Straw Carnival Cup (Shop from Amazon)

Personality Canvas Sport Bag (Shop from Amazon)

Long Sleeve T Shirt (Shop from Amazon)

Red Pillowcase (Shop from Amazon)

Walking Dead Projector Pen (Shop from Amazon)

Mrs. Daryl Dixon Tank Top (Shop from Amazon)

LED Canvas Wall Banner (Shop from Amazon)

The Walking Dead T Shirt (Shop from Amazon)

The Walking Dead Survival Kit (Shop from Amazon)


Zombie Table Lamp (Shop from Amazon)

Zombie Floating Charms Keychain (Shop from Amazon)

Zippered Pillow Cases (Shop from Amazon)

Fans who get entertained from the first episode of the Walking Dead would better know the reliability and attraction form these products. Every product has its unique charm that fans love to buy for themselves and as a gift for others. Gifts are not limited these day that you are going to gift a T-Shirt or a Mug etc. to the person who love to have more collectibles of this series. Now you have a lot of choices from the above displayed guide to select the best items for your girlfriend, family and friends. Along with the merchandise of The Walking Dead you can also check our celebrity Merchandise and Gift Ideas.

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