Daredevil the fanatic character cast by the Marvel Cinematic Universe with little disability which later make the character a super skill person in the city, who is professionally a Lawyer. He was enter into the character due to his profession to control the crime situation in the city especially in darkness of night. At 1st episode he being working as a Daredevil to overcome the conspiracy from the underworld. At second episode he being manage both a Daredevil and the Lawyer.

Marvel decide that Charlie Cox be the perfect fit for this character to accumulate number of fans who later love and follow him. Love and support to the Daredevil inspired us to make costume guide for the fans and followers of him which are as follows.


Matt Mask (Shop from Amazon)

Daredevil Costume (Shop from Amazon)

Full Finger Tactical Gloves (Shop from Amazon)

Combat Jungle Boot (Shop from Amazon)

Matt Murdock Red and Black Leather Jacket (Shop from Amazon)

Including above all items if you like to cos-play with Daredevil Costume leather jacket and paint it’s up to your decision. This guide is never ending yet we would like to share the costume that were worn by the Daredevil in season 1 are as follows.


Compression Shirt (Shop from Amazon)

Military Cargo Pant (Shop from Amazon)

Hexpad Arm Sleeve (Shop from Amazon)

Head Wraps (Shop from Amazon)

Desert Ankle Boots (Shop from Amazon)

Relay Baton (Shop from Amazon)

Full Finger Tactical Gloves (Shop from Amazon)


Both the costume of Daredevil are the most favorite outfit for cos-players around the globe. Fans not even interested to have Daredevil costume, they are finding other merchandise also to gift their friends and family as they are having identical feeling and attraction toward this character. Marvel has marketed many characters with different skills and appearances which are love and appreciated by huge fans and follower.


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