However, we entered in to the modern world where science and technology is the basic need of our life. Using iphone, watching TV and other gadgets are the routine items of our life and without any of these we feel nothing. During number of research regarding the misuse of woman whether from her side or any male concerned involved in it. The conspiracy behind all the act was always face by the woman victim. We through our blog don’t want to measure the mistakes of any gender that make the situation worst and possibility of misshape arises.

Every woman are innocent initially, later this world treat them for shameful work which was not even accepted by themselves. Using of woman for sexual purpose has followed many years back which is still continuing even every part of the world. Islam has given respect to woman from all aspects of life, prior that woman are only treated for sex purpose they don’t have any status in their life accept a fewer one who might be the ruler at that time. Within this blog we would like to discuss about the body exposed of woman in different outfit which may also be the reason for their misuse including rape, assault etc.

Burqa With Stone Work

Abaya Apparel Jilbab

Long Sleeve Casual Maxi Dress

Check varieties of ABAYAS that mostly Muslim women use to wear casually, no matter what they wear inside it but their body was totally covered with this Abaya. Many colors and varieties are available at store, further this item was ban in some countries including France etc. In-spite of negative propaganda the positive side of wearing this item is that it will not expose your body even a single percent than how could a man get inspired with the body of woman who covered her entire body with this outfit. Therefore the number of rape cases found with these woman are categorically very low as compared to the other dresses which are explain below.

Straight Viscose Tunic Top

Lehenga Choli

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Women’s Sarees

ShalwarKameez, sarees and GagraCholi is commonly wear in Asian Countries, however, woman love to wear these type of outfit even in USA. These dresses although cover almost every part of your body in order to less exposed in the surrounding but dirty minds can’t be limited as the way they watching woman feels that they are scanning their body, size and figure. Time has changed certainly and woman started to follow the best possible fashion with in the Country which make lose dresses in to tighter one so that their beauty can easily be displayed to the surrounding and competing other by adopting fashion prior. Hope you trying to understand our purpose of sharing information like these.

Floral Lace Vintage 2/3 Sleeve

Formal Long Prom Dress

Fromal Gown Dress

Man who live alone having no girlfriend or wife to share his feeling could most of the time attracted towards the crime. These men are open threat for woman who’s intentionally or unintentionally exposing their body. With continuous watch on her, he want a single chance to come closer to her to satisfy his sexual need. There are number of cases reported like this, caring yourself is your duty but no one can stop these types of mishap. Look at these amazing outfit that make you gorgeous when you wear it. Not including these dresses there are number of other dresses that woman are wearing in party to have fun with the friends and partner.

Bodycon Fitted Midi

Lace Fit Flare Elegant Party Dress

Sleeveless Mini Dress

Hotness will start now, when you select types of clothes to wear in party and gathering. Body Con clothes are the serious threat for innocent ladies to get affected from the rapist or man who absorb warm feeling through her body while watching her continuously dancing and drinking. However, some woman wear these types of clothes to attract man toward them to use their articles including everything connected to their body. If you gone through the reviews that most of the men and women who are addicted of HIV aids which concludes that after having fun in bar woman and man found their partner for foreplay, due to over drinking they can’t control themselves and engage in the practice of intercourse many times without precaution.

All these jeans are the best item for open minded woman. Wearing these outfit your body must be properly waxed because your legs will gonna look ugly while hairy. According to restriction in some parts of the world women are not allowed to wear short dresses but shocking part is that they wear all those jeans and T-Shirt with in the abaya while going outside with families. People have their concentration on your legs when you wear any of the outfit like these.

Long Sleeve Mini T Shirts Dresses

Sexy Plunging V Neck Sleeveless Sequin Bodycon Halter

Summer Straps Sleeveless Skater Short Dress

These dresses are the open appeal for sex, woman be careful man can’t hold their emotions while look you in these dresses. Good news to the woman who have boyfriend in their life will definitely share their sexiest movement on bed as they celebrate the sexiest Valentine’s Day this year with her partner. Since this world is changing and playing with boy is getting hobbies of a few woman. Some interested cases come on screen that man get sexually harass by the woman. Any man who’s organ are working can hold himself while watching these woman, this is nothing in front of woman who only live for sex and hold herself in menses days.

Print Leggings

Pencil Tight Pants

Yoga Pants

Looking perfect the bottom curvy parts of woman with in these leggings. It figure out the actual feature of your body. Anyone can judge the size of your body, this guide is not to make you sex queen like Harley and Poison Ivy or kept you in the situation of sexual assault and harassment. Every teen or adult have right to wear clothes whatever they like, respecting the laws of the society in which you are living that you should have to wear clothes before coming outside the door of your resident, although you are living naked inside. No one has any concern about how you are living in your home but be look gorgeous in the outfit whatever you like to wear.

Shapewear Open bust Bodysuit

Sport Workout Body Shaper

Many woman use shaper to show there body a super-hot feature among other, while wearing this they can’t think that males are also the part of this society and you can’t close the eyes of anyone when they watch you continuously while you are looking sexy in your outfit. Every man and woman need partner to relax their organs, without such practice you never let your body out from the sexual hazards that your body is facing. Neither man nor woman can satisfied themselves even using sex toys for their lonely moments. Some are addicted of watching porn movies which are not limited to any gender and this habit may increase unsatisfactory portion of your organism. Further, many man don’t hesitate to fulfill the wish of their woman regarding the size of their organ to feel much pleasure during intercourse which are mostly found in the way of physical practice with the equipment or taking pills.

sexy trailing noble dress

Satin Nightgown

Mesh Garter Slip and Thong

Sexy Fever Blush

These products are merely used to pull man in the environment of extreme sex appeal. Look at these lingerie how body of these model attract buyer to buy for their woman. Many couple from the western world who initially unaware about the opposite sexes even after marriage would also started to invest in this item. Bridal collection need consciousness to avoid mistakes in marriages are contain lingerie as a basic product for their first night after marriage. One thing remain unclear that why man are giving gift to their wife in wedding night before start love on the bed. We will surely discuss those products also in our next blog regarding the wedding Night Gift for wife.

High Neck Tankini Padded Bikini

Swimsuit Bikini

V-neck Remarkable Monokini

Brazilian Bikini

Don’t only open your eyes open your mind also, what have you done in bikini or in swimming costume, you showed every single part of your body to the people who are taking bath with you. No matter it is your opinion to wear it and show maximum nude part of your body. A friend of mine had share that he been offered by a lady who wear bikini on the beach to have date in the evening. Before this offer she showed her maximum features by sitting in different angles in front of him, later ask for date and many more. Fortunately or unfortunately he was married at the time and showed the wedding ring for denying this date. Woman are woman, no one can looted her innocence not even Doctor Strange if they don’t want to undress and no one can stop her if they get naked even in front of anyone without any relation Harley Quinn & Deadpool.