Marriages are made in heaven but traditions are made in the world. Almost in every marriage religion/system it is traditionally included that the Groom has to gift anything which he suggest the best thing for his officially wedded wife. Research shows that about more than 80% people of the world are following this tradition. Why this become tradition we will be discuss later in this blog. You are free to gift anything to your wife, gift are not limited to gender or age. It is also found in some families that at Wedding Night couples are exchanging their gift.

Tradition reveals that it is the man’s duty to give the most precious gift to his wife before beginning of romance. Although he saw her in different clothes within the period of engagement from top to bottom, sober and sexiest look may with some restriction but at wedding night no restrictions applied. Given gift at wedding night is mandatory, doesn’t matter whether this is your first hug or you already did intercourse prior marriage. Success and failure at wedding is the issue found in eastern world where still in some villages people are unaware of the opposite sexes even after marriage. Findurfuture for the first time touching the secrets, hesitation, incident and romantic moments of people within this guide are given below.

Generally wedding beds are wreathed with white color, decorated with rose petals and candles are also used to make the environment romantic for newly married couple. We suggest a simple and sweat bed set that will not irritate you while busy in romance, rose petal as an extra item on bed may irritate you when unclothed. Many people think that this is it, I have spent a lot of money for marriage decoration, food, gathering and other traditional necessary work so I am not interested to make my room attractive for wedding night. We are sorry but you are mistaken at this time as you are only saving money and killing emotions of your wife. May she dream of amazing night with their soul mate with full of romance in lonely environment.

According to the tradition and values you have tree choice of gift either Ring (Diamond / Gold), Bangle or Gold Chain. After asking question with several seniors and aged people regarding the reason behind this gift giving activity and got almost identical reply from all of them that after marriage woman for the first time submission herself to her husband from romance till intercourse therefore man has to gift her woman before sex at wedding night. This fact is truly strange but may be true because still many women are virgin, they are untouched and they only allow their husband to touch her at wedding night.

Feeling shy or nervous to face your partner at wedding night is a common issue, many people face it, some tried but fail to start romance and waste their entire time in talking. However, some are very hurry for the sex, without wasting a single minute start romance and stuck how I can insert my organ inside her virgina. It is the time when everyone has to go through the process calmly without any hurry, don’t worry she is your wife and available at every night except those break days, so if the process unsuccessful today keep continue few hours later or the next day.

Wedding night lingerie is also be the part of gift that Groom placed at the bathroom along all necessary decoration and material that are desperately required at wedding night. The biggest issue of woman arises when they saw the size of male organ including the thickness and hardness, now she got nervous that she did not have that much space to park it inside her body between her legs. Continuous thinking and tension may caused her virgina to contract further instead of expansion. Both partners are inexperienced at moment especially many men’s have to hold the process due to pre-ejaculation.

Package of romance all the night without any disturbance from anyone. Fortunately or unfortunately, people these day can’t find their partner untouched before marriage, some are shake by themselves as a couple, some already passed hard time on bed, some woman has unsealed their virgina with finger or toys and some man can’t control their emotion while looking sexy woman on street, television or porn movies in terms to the blow job. All such factor are counted as prior usage of organism.

These all are necessary accessories that entered in the list of wedding night. The set displayed above will definitely pleasant her when she entered in to the bathroom. Everyone knows that Bride has to face many situation at wedding ceremony as she can’t left family, in-laws, groom and gathering even to use rest room. Be remember, respect to each other will make your relation strong because couples are giving gift to their partner at Valentine’s Day and Christmas Holidays but did not give respect to each other will be the breakup of friendship or relationship.

We know that you had promised each other live together, support each other in worries and happiness. Make this moment memorable with this statue which remind you at the time when you both get angry with each other that you had promised to honor the each other and not to fight. Further, this statue can be gift by wife also as woman are best in making memories. Don’t worry ladies this is the start, later you have to select much more gift for your hubby at different events.

Let’s come back to the actual discussion, have you think what will do after fun on bed, sleep like old fashioned people and wake up in the morning take shower lonely and start reading newspaper or take bath with your partner to make the environment more romantic because this is your night as you are Bride and Groom. Insert some rose petal in the bath tub with warm water and a super-hot woman of your life. These are the moments according the personal experiences of the people male can get some extra power to re-engage with the woman at bathroom during bath. How many times you both tried intercourse at wedding night does not matter or you succeed to insert your entire organ inside her is an another aspect but male can only use his organ 8 times a day, if uses more than blood release in 9th time.

Many people had issue that their wife is not so sexy so they prefer to look sexiest ladies from their surrounding or watch porn movies to make their feelings hot so that they can shake their babies. We suggest to make your lady sexiest especially at bedtime because you are alone at the moment to share your feeling and romance with each other. Now, let check the issues, some have issue about the shape of boobs because they are addicted of watching fancy, plastic surgery parts of porn star, why don’t you gift you wife a Bra, which she wear and display time to time change to you. Another issue is attraction that although they have one year passed during relation but man can’t fascinate from his wife body, wake up ladies where’s your sizzling feature are, show you beauty to you hubby when they come back to home wear short dresses no matter how many parts of your body displayed to your male concern since his entrance in the house till the bed and see the difference.

Many woman’s have complain that her husband have no interest in her, they are always busy, did not spend time and especially when they wear these types of dresses their male did not response her. This is really a big issue and many marriages are broken due to the reason of sexual un-satisfaction which direct concerned to the male body that he is tired of all these activities, which is not true because some man’s can make them fresh after the tiredness they face whole day. Make your duty to give them proper meal that recover his health, further there are some pills also available in the market that enhance the sexuality of man but don’t make it habit. Further, those man who issue that their organ would never get that harder, please don’t take any pills or medical treatment, just follow the few steps of yoga and you will recover the hardness as well as strength. Wait baby I am coming to shake you!!!

Room decoration later marriage is the responsibility taken by the ladies, so you can share your feelings with these pillow cover indicating Hubby and Wifey one. Many couples are always happy, don’t concentrate on worried time support and care each other in every moment of life. While other are pretend that they are cool, they are giving gift to their partner from different gift ideas, they shared their sexiest moment in Valentine’s Day, they found their partner in dance party within the sexiest outfit and later they fall in love. All these thing does not show essence of real life because sacrifice is the true spirit of love where you are limited to select partner at prom party and make relation that never end till your death.

Friends who already practice their wedding night in engagement period can order and use it because if you use this product at unsealed virgina you are responsible for its damage. Some idiot already made such mistakes while initially inserting their penis into their wife virgina and make their first night disaster. A real story in which Groom who did this mistake by placing lubricant at his organ which is harder at the moment, make it much more slippery insert it gently into the virgina resulting continuous flow of bleeding like ladies faces in menses/periods. She was instantly taken to the hospital and got stitches at the place. While unfortunately husband faces unreliable comments that whether he put his penis or the donkey’s one into her wife’s virgina, he just crush her parts. They are now parents of two kids but many years later because due to such incident husband find difficulty to make his penis harder.

However, this product is not so related to the gift given at wedding night but what if your wife gift you this product for larger size of your organ to get more pleasure at bed time. However, if don’t like to take pill buy equipment for enlargement. Some man & woman fed-up with the person they spend lovely moment and switch to the new one to taste the sexual inner and outer of the opposite gender. According to the spirit of religion a man is created for a woman, they are not allowed to have sexual satisfaction with others, on the contrary people are free to live their life they can do anything they like, and nobody will interfere in their life and relation.

What a funny idea given by one of our reader regarding their life. After marriage they are waiting for the sign regarding sex by either side sometimes one understand while sometime other and sometime no one can understand and the precious time waste later hubby order this ring which is appeal for sex that either one can give to other which make their life better understanding and feeling regarding bed time moment. According to them their intercourse ratio increases twice as compared to previous time. Many couples after sex, taking bath drink tea or coffee to make their body warmer.

People these day are very advance as compared to past centuries, man know each and every part of woman body, similarly woman know the part of man body prior marriage. Thanks to the media, porn stars and porn movie that people better understand by human sexes and how to use them to satisfy their sexual need. What do you think only man want more and more sexes and if they don’t get possibility for this he applied rape. Woman are much more have sexual feeling inside her body, if you have power you can try that she can accept your shot more than four with patience and pleasure, what if she can’t get such relaxation and sexually assault a man to satisfy her sexual need.

When we go few years back an incident was recorded against three woman who kidnap a young man for such purpose. They forcefully order them to sex but naturally a men can’t satisfied more than one woman, therefore they uses some strong drug through injection into his body may directly to the surrounding of his penis to be harder for more shots accurately. All of them get two shot from him and when he becoming unconscious they throw him outside the car near sea side.

Most interesting product that both gender search to buy as early as they can that control the pre-ejaculation of male organ. This awesome herbal formula will give strength, boost energy and give more time in sexual intercourse. This product is good for fun but regular use may cause some side effects to male. Kindly read precaution before apply this product, then start playing with your partner, apply any pose you like but be conscious that virgina of lady will only accept shaking up till 30 minutes later it will become swell. Be remember that neither you nor your wife is a porn star who can intercourse more than 30 minutes because they take break during shouting with proper medical team. Further, movie maker are not showing the feelings of female stars due continues in & out of male organ from their virgina. Furthermore, don’t use this practice at her first association because her body can’t accept this process at initial stage and causes of damage appears more than 60%.

Before winding up this article we would like to share the story shared by a young beautiful lady who immigrant from the Asian Country. She said that she was very nervous at her wedding night because she was not aware about the habits of her husband and waiting in the room as per tradition. After few minutes her husband enter in the room and lock the door, he sit near to her and give a beautiful gold necklace to her as wedding night gift and start talking in different issue make the environment friendly. During talk he touched her body with different angles tried to kiss her, traditionally we are trained by our friends that what we have to do after marriage when stay in room alone. He slowly slowly come nearer to he, she don’t know what happened they both get naked in front of each other. Later when she saw his penis she became very nervous that it is so big about 7 to 8” but he console me every step form inserting his upper part till whole of his organ. She said, they are totally out of control but she feel very harder inside that make such great pain, she want him to stop for few seconds but he wasn’t control his emotions and can’t stop until the ejaculation. That moment were really painful, pleasure giving and memorable for her. Any way people enjoy your happily married life and fill your home with cute babies.