From the tale of the mummy, mummies of Egypt were popular right after the release of the mummy 1999. Later people become curious about when did the mummy come out specially in the mummy 2. The Mummy return (The Mummy 3) made their greater impact in the minds of its viewers and increase the Mummy rating. Now at the moment everyone of us want to see the revenge of the mummy ride in the new Mummy (The Mummy 4). Through the Mummy emperor, the mummy series continued with the mummy cast containing new actors and actresses.

Who played the mummy, return of the mummy, the mummy remake and new Tom Cruise movie be the common searches regarding the Mummy reboot found in Google? Russell Crowe be the leading the Mummy characters along with the Mummy Tom Cruise. Let’s check some of the Mummy original unique merchandise that you have to buy for yourself and gift to your friends and family.

Mummy Lollipop Chocolate Candy

Let’s begun this guide with the Mummy 2017 lollipop chocolates molded with candy. Children, teenagers and adult are all love to eat without any hesitation.

The Mummy PlayStation

Gamer love to play game of the Mummy movie, and they are desperately awaited to see the mummy with tom cruise in the game also.

Mummy Candle

New ideas from the Mummy film are these Mummies bands in the form of candle which are used to make a perfect environment of the Mummy trilogy.

The Mummy Action Figure

Ahmanet Action Figure

Universal Monsters

Including the pictures of mummies people also like to collect these action figures from the Mummy movie series.

The Mummy Men Costume

The Mummy Women Costume

Through the curse of the Mummy these costumes are more demanding for Halloween and cos-play by both the genders so that they can make the day of the Mummy with in their surroundings.

The Mummy Poster

Posters are seems to be the Mummy in the Mummy crosswords, therefore you have to buy the Mummy poster to have the legend of the mummy movie series at your home.

Curse of the Mummy

The Scorpion King

The Mummy Returns Series

Children liked the action figures from the Mummy 1 and the return of the Mummy, therefore you have to buy those gift for you children to play.

The Mummy T-Shirt

Woman Mummy T-Shirt

Pyramid Mummy Ra Anubis Tees

Wear the Mummy attire on casual basis, these shirt for both gender will give you attraction with in the surrounding you are belonging.

Mummy Heart Charm Bead

Be a monster look with universal mummy ride in the form of the Pandora and charm necklace. You definitely look very pretty while wearing this necklace.

Mummy Sculpture Figurine

From the Mummy’s tomb, buy this 3” tall figurine as a part of your collection or gift it your friends and family as they are also the fans of the movie.

The Mummy Coffee Mug

Boris The Mummy Black Mug

Nobody wants to have tea or coffee with the Mummy plot but you can pretend to do with the Mummy printed mug.

Playset The Altar

How many Mummy movie are there through which we can manufacture these type of action figure with play set so that children get excited while playing with it. Check our Costume guide click here.