Gamers best describe their leisure time to spend; they are ready to play the world’s most adventurous games. Assassin’s Creed game be the one among all 3D games; which are created to hold the interest of the gamer to play without any fatigue. Many gamers are crazy about the game. They are playing all the time. They have collectibles, costumes and latest drive to run XBOX and PS3; when they are concentrating during play. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Assassins Creed Ezio costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Due to the huge accumulation of fans and gamers; Assassin’s Creed movie was released to increase the followers and the viewers of the movie. Findurfuture working in the task to gather the costume & merchandise related to the Assassins Creed game; Assassin’s Creed Film to our readers who are the ultimate fan of the Assassins Creed characters.

Assassin’s Creed Ezio Costume: Amazon

From Assassin’s Creed brotherhood, let’s check the costume guide of Ezio which includes button Front Shirt, Hooded Zipper Vest, Pants, Cummerbund and Belt, Faux Suede Cape with Cross over Chest Strap, Glove, and Arm Cuff, etc.

Hidden Blade & Gauntlet: Amazon

After having required costume accessories you need this gauntlet with the hidden blade as the master weapon to secure yourself from the attack of your enemies.

Adult Pirate Boot Covers: Amazon

With this boot, you have complete the Ezio Costume guide for men. Being a follower, our duty to perfectly perform the task and appearance of the character which we are cosplaying at Halloween. We are not making this guide limited to the male followers, below we are displaying the new Assassin Creed costume guide for the woman who is the true devotees of the characters of the game or movie.

Women’s Assassin’s Creed Ezio Costume: Amazon

Wearing this costume will seal the words of the unknown person that when does Assassin’s Creed come out, because you are now identical with the character you are cosplaying. All woman who select this outfit for Halloween and cosplay will look beautiful, attractive and bold among other cosplayers in the nation.

Knee-High Boot: Amazon

To make your costume complete you need this knee-high boot, which makes you stunning during the catwalk. Women are very charming by nature and for that purpose, they use a different method which makes them sweat within other human beings. I look fit many of them are doing exercise daily or use other tips for losing weight. They are very much conscious about their most precious body part white. We hope that you will like Assassin’s Creed Ezio men costume and Assassin’s Creed Ezio women costume. To check costume guide other gaming characters click here.