Ryu the master character from the Street Fighter 5, most probably available in the XBOX 360. Like Mortal Combat, street fighter games be very popular among the fans and followers. Ryu fighting style and Ryu moves are outstanding by nature, however Ryu and Ken are considered by many players to have identical style of fighting among other Street Fighter characters. Findurfuture found that after release of Street Fighter V, Street Fighter costumes got very popular among the devotees.

Ryu, Korean Martial arts expert who exposed through Ryu special moves. Cosplay Ryu apparel from the Street Fighter PS4 are more demanding then the Street Fighter film. Following are the Ryu clothing that you love to have to cosplay at Halloween.

Essential Karate Uniform

Ryu theme for the cosplay begins with this Karate uniform. It is an essential martial arts uniform with high quality cotton. It is light weighted and made of poly with wrinkle free finish.

Karate Black Belt

To become Ryu from Street Fighter you need this black belt so that you look as martial art expert and you are now the Ryu smash the competitor.

Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves for Mixed Martial Arts

Ryu gloves are actual representing part of the costume, further this gloves be selected to secure opponent from your multiple punch while cosplaying this character. Moreover this MMA gloves are designed to provide great performance to a successful gear line.

Red Cool Headband

With this band you have Ryu street fighter in-front of the mirror. This Ryu headband will give you similar and dashing look that Ryu have naturally. After becoming street fight in real life you will feel the character inside your body that gives you strength to cosplay your best. Nobody is perfect in the world so don’t worry about any mishap happens due to your health or body structure. To check costume guide of other gaming character click here.