Despicable Me 3, is the 3D computer-animated comedy movie which is the portion of the Despicable Me series and the development to Despicable Me 2. Gru left his criminal life after meeting with three children who later become his family members and family will totally complete after he married Lucy. This time Gru has to face Balthazar Bratt, who formerly a child star and has grown up to become preoccupied with the character that he played under the 80’s style.

This move makes circumstances for Gru to meet with this charming, successful and the cheerful twin brother who wants him to team up for one last criminal heist to steal the precious diamond which was stolen by the Bratt. Findurfuture, reflect with the interest that fans showed in the Despicable Me character for cosplay at Halloween. Following are some of the costume related to the Despicable Me characters.

Let’s Begin With……


Dru is the long lost twin brother of Gru in Despicable Me 3. Dru is extremely cheerful and fabulously wealthy and looks forward to learning some supervillainy skills from Gru. He is also the owner of Dru’s mansion and Dru’s villain wheels. Although he is identical to his twin brother he has unique appearance with blonde hairs, wear a white suit, scarf, and shoes, as opposite to Gru.

  1. Dru Gru Wig
  2. Dispicable Me 3 Mens Lightweight White Jacket
  3. Dru Minions 3 White Dress Pant
  4. Dru Costume Shoes
  5. Dru Cosplay White Scarf


Felonius Gru, formerly known as a super-villain and a jelly manufacturer. He is the protagonist of a minor character in Minions and major character in Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3. He got very upset when Vector stole the Great Pyramid of Giza, he later decides to steal the moon to become the bestowed the honor of pulling off the “Crime of the Century”. He is also the father of three cute fairies Margo, Edith and Agnes. He also becomes the spy and worked with his beautiful wife Lucy who made his family complete.

  1. Gru Cosplay Lined Eisenhower Jacket
  2. Soft Knit Striped Gru Scarf
  3. Skinny-Fit Jean
  4. Turtle Neck Sweater Flannel Grey


Lucy Wilde is the agent of the Anti-Villain League and wife of the Felonius Gru. She meets with her husband to initiate her task to bring him to the AVL’s headquarter, later she becomes his partner to hunt down the PX-41 serum and finally his wife. She is looking beautiful in red hair, large green eye, fair skin, a curved nose that fairly large in comparison to her face and a thin body. After the release of Despicable Me2 in the form of Minions Paradise her costume got very popular among the Walt Disney fan to cosplay her at Halloween, given below is the Lucy Wilde costume guide.

  1. Long Trench Coat Jacket
  2. Polka Dot Pink Scarf
  3. Long Maxi Solid Racerback Dress
  4. Retro Style Classic Vintage Sunglasses
  5. Lucy Cosplay Short Straight Bob Wig
  6. Dancing Stiletto High Heel
  7. Leather Bag Clutch


Margo Gru is one of the adopted daughters of Lucy Wilde and Felonius Gru and the older sister of the Edith and Agnes. She was an orphan before she got adopted and treated unbearably by Miss Hattie. She always wished that somebody who adopt them must love them. She is totally opposite to Edith, who jump into the puddle and wet other two sisters and breaks a vial of acid in the Gru’s Kitchen. She is very sensitive and untrusted to anyone in her surrounding, she also attracts when Agnes speak innocently like things, below are the costume accessories of Margo

  1. Margo Cosplay Office Blazer
  2. Margo Eye Glasses
  3. Short-Sleeve Simple Button-down Shirt
  4. Marlin Finding Nemo Tees
  5. Margo Mini Skirt
  6. Sneaker High-heeled Fashion


Edith Gru is the younger sister of Margo and the older sister of Agnes, like other three daughters she was also adopted by Felonius Gru and the Lucy Wilde. She did not know much about her and her sisters’ previous life. She luckily wound her orphanage after adopted by Gru and get away from the strict rules of the orphanage owner Miss Hattie, who made them walk on the street most of the time to sale boxes of cookies because every night they have to pay for someone to adopt them. Following are the costume guide of the beautiful fairy of Lucy and Gru.

  1. Off The Shoulder Jumper Top
  2. Edith Beanie Hat
  3. Edith Cosplay Mini Skirt Daniel
  4. Thick Footed Tights Pantyhose
  5. Edith Snow Joggers
  6. Edith Cosplay Wig


Agnes Gru is the sweetest and younger daughter of Lucy and Gru along with other two sister Margo and Edith. Like Margo she also has wished that someone adopt them, that was the reason when Gru visit orphanage to adopt them she was very excited among her sisters. She is an innocent child who has been protected by her sister Margo. Despite some protest from her sister she think that Gru’s Dog is cute, therefore always chases after him. Below mentioned are the costume guide of the prettiest girl from the Minions movie.

  1. Yellow Chiffon T-Shirt
  2. Classic Long Fitted Overalls
  3. Satin Fabric Hair Scrunchie
  4. Agnes Walking Shoe
  5. Super soft Combed cotton socks
  6. Despicable Me 2 Plush Unicorn


Balthazar Bratt was formerly a child star in the ’80s in the popular TV Show “Evil Bratt” and the main antagonist of the Despicable Me 3. He was very successful in his childhood but after reaching to maturity he is losing his appeal hence his last TV show was canceled before air. After two years of non-appearance on-screen, he is shown on the front page of the Magazines, in an identical outfit that he wore in previous years. After that, he disappeared from the media and career got finished. Let’s check the costume guide of the villainous character from the Despicable Me 3.

  1. Long Sleeve Turtleneck Pullover Casual Top
  2. Balthazar Bratt Cosplay Purple Groomsmen Suit
  3. Balthazar Cosplay White Patent Tuxedo Slip
  4. Black Leather Fingerless Gloves
  5. Balthazar Bratt Eyebrows
  6. Mr. Feels Bulbous Nose Prosthetic
  7. Rockstar Joan Jett Wig
  8. Balthazar Bratt Moustache


In Despicable Me 3, Niko is a young boy who lives in Freedonia. During the cheese festival, he had a brief crush with Margo Gru when she took a bite of cheese he is offering. Later he visited Lucy’s house and stated that he is engaged with the Margo and offered her pig as an engagement gift.

  1. Niko Cosplay Wool Black French Beret Hat
  2. Niko and Red Neckerchief
  3. Nikon Light Blue & White Stripe T-Shirt
  4. Niconico Light Blue Golf Short Pants
  5. Despicable Me 4 Brown Canvas Backpack
  6. Niko Niko from Despicable Me 3 Gree Plain Rubber Wellington Boot


In Despicable Me, Valerie Da Vinci (voiced by Jenny Slates) fires Gru and Lucy after taking over as new director of the Anti-Villain League. She is a very skinny woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pointed nose.

  1. Despicable Me 3 Prosthetic Nose
  2. Black Tube Top
  3. Valerie Da Vinci Cosplay Purple Button Down Blazer
  4. Despicable Me Minions Purple Pencil Midi Skirt
  5. 3 Minions Matt Eye Shadow
  6. Disciple Me Velvet Purple Dress Pump
  7. Valerie Da Vinci Wig


Vector (Victor Perkins) is the son of Mr. Perkin, the owner of the Bank of Evil. He is the main antagonist and super-villain in the Despicable me who steals the Great Pyramid of Giza. He is a rich and spoiled brat who always demonstrate that he has everything. He is highly intelligent and childish nature. He loves to eat cookies and having a tendency to keep shark as his pet animal. He also showed his villainous character at the time when he kidnaps three beautiful fairies of Gru to give him the moon.

  1. Vector Glasses
  2. Victor Helmet
  3. Orange Fleece Hoodie Jacket
  4. Scotch Duct Tape
  5. Drawstring Tapered Leg Scrub Orange Pants
  6. Victor Cosplay Adidas Sneakers


Joseph Albert Nefario (Dr. Nefario) residing in the underground laboratory of Gru. He is the mastermind who designed most of the machines for Gru. He is planning and trying for several years with Gru to shock the world with “The True Crime of the Century”. He is the one who considers Gru as one of the greatest villains in the world. Due to very bad hearing he did several mistakes in fulfillment of Gru’s order like Dark Gun, Fart Gun, Boogie Robot and the Cookie Robot.

  1. 3 Wheel Compact Scooter
  2. Dr. Nefario Lab Coat
  3. Natural Latex Glove
  4. Heavy Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. PVC Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots
  6. Dr. Nefario Cosplay Goggles
  7. Red Check Skinny Slim Mod Punk Jeans


Eduado Perez (El Macho), is the main antagonist in Despicable Me 2 and the owner of the Mexican Restaurant Salsa & Salsa in the Paradise Mall. He is renowned as the bank robber with strong and superhuman ability. He is planning to create species that are bloodthirsty, killer, mindless, and indestructible by his deadly mutagen PX-41. He is undercover super-villain and his son Antonio be the first boyfriend of the Gru’s daughter Margo. Following are the costume guide of the Super-Villain from the depth of Despicable Me.

  1. High Cut Wrestling Singlet
  2. M Script Initial Pendant
  3. Superhero Wrestling Cape
  4. Lucha Libre Wrestling Mask
  5. El Macho Half Bald Wig
  6. El Macho Cosplay Black Goatee
  7. El Macho Moustache


Evil Minions (Purple Minions) enter into the state of extreme mutation which happened due to the dose of PX-41 serum into their blood vessels. They are to create and become indestructible, having the mindless capacity, explosion by swallowing bomb, flame thrower, etc. They are prepared in a way to destroy everything that comes in their way. They are highly dangerous and can repair themselves without any medication. Try this indestructible character this Halloween from Minions series for cosplay at Halloween. Given below is the costume guide of El Macho Minions.

  1. Zip To Thigh Bib Overall
  2. Long Sleeve Crewneck Purple T-Shirt
  3. White Vampire Fangs
  4. Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves
  5. Evil Minion Goggles
  6. Purple Liquid Face Paint
  7. Purple Minion Wig
  8. Club Dude Wig


The Minions are the signature character in Despicable Me who literally in a yellow cylindrical creature, small in size having one or two eyes. They are the scene-stealer of the movie who are well known for their comedy. They use to speak in Minionese which sometimes switching to English. They are very intelligent and childish by nature. They are highly appreciated by Gru for their work and support and he is the one who knows each and every one by name. (see costume)


In Minions, Madge Nelson (voiced by Allison Janney) seems like your typical suburban mom that is until she and her husband Walter rob a bank on their way to Villain-Con. Despite her thieving ways, she still minds her manners and kindly gives the hitchhiking Minions a lift to Orlando.

  1. Lady Gaga Curly Hairs
  2. Minion Paradise Purple Headband
  3. Madge Nelson Cosplay Lace Swing Party Dress
  4. Barely Black Silk Reflections Panty Hose
  5. The Minions Purple Gloves
  6. Miniom Light Purple Purse
  7. Minion One Light Purple Pump


In Minion, Walter Nelson Sr. (voiced by Michael Keaton) is father and leader of the Nelson family. He and his family were the criminals and the bank robbers. Despite his criminal ways, he has a soft spot for the minions and gives them a lift to Villain-Con in Orlando.

  1. Walter Nelson Cosplay V Neck Sweater
  2. Speakable Me Long Sleeves White Dress Shirt
  3. Mini Minions Light Khaki Dress pant
  4. Despicable Minions Black Tie
  5. Minion Run Leather Gloves in Tan

Minions are never ending character in eyes of every gender by their work, politeness, task oriented and supporting skill. This movie is the open book for friendship and how to maintain relationship with the people in your family and your surroundings. We feel every people in the world has special skill which they can be better to use to survive and get success in the world. To check the costume guide of other animated cartoon character click here.

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