Once Upon a Time be one of the most popular shows which were liked and appreciated by millions of fans and followers. Once Upon a Time cast i.e. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla & David Nolan (Josh Dallas), etc.  controlled the emotion of the fans by entering into the character with devotion and dedication. As you all know that from the series swan queen fanfiction was more energetic than the other characters.

Unlike snow-white, Emma snow got the height of popularity and many cosplayers started following her. The costume wore by Emma Swan in OUAT is a combination of an outfit that you can wear anywhere. By taking the following steps you can have all the items related to the Emma Swan costume for cosplay and Halloween.

Emma Swan Red Leather Jacket: Amazon

This costume guide begins with this Emma Swan red leather jacket. Many of the followers ordered it since the first replica available in the market. Women who already have this Jacket can perform their task without spending much amount to buy this jacket again.

Captain Swan Tank Top Heather Gray: Amazon

OUAT Emma Swan used a tank top of gray color as a contrast with the jacket that she wore in the series. Further, you will look stunning, like her in this body fit ribbed tank top.

Emma Swan Cosplay Jeans: Amazon

Skinny jeans designed with 5 pockets, stretchable and comfortable to be work rough and tough. Further, it will make your body a perfect shape to look sexy and eye-catching.

Lace-Up Knee Boots: Amazon

Last but not least this guide will be summarized with the Emma Swan Costume boots. Like other costume accessories, this boot will also make a perfect combination of a different color with the outfit used by the character that you can check out my watch Once Upon a Time online or on TV. Many people around us love magic and tried to collect the accessories belonging to such series. We appreciate it nif you are interested in the costume guide of the animated characters from Cartoon and Fairy Tale.