Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald / Peigi Barker) is the daughter of the King Fergus and Queen Elinor, the Ruler of the Scottish Kingdom. Her mother want her to take husband and become a royal lady but her aim conflict with the wish of her mother. She is highly skilled in archery, sword fighting and racing. By nature she is kind hearted and carry about her triple brothers namely Harris, Hubert and Hamish.

Among other Disney Princess, Merida brave become very popular according to her style and looks. Being unique red head Disney Princess she also captured the heart and souls of the Disney World fans and followers. Ladies who are interest to cosplay in Disney brave costume must scroll down….

Princess Merida Wig

Let’s begin this costume guide to get the identical features of the brave princes in red hair. Findurfuture think that cosplaying her is an honor for every cosplayer who loves to enter into the character to feel the height of bravery, skills and effective decisions making.

Princess Merida Costume

Complete accessories of the Merida costumes are available at the product page that include the high quality gown, blouse, belt and quiver.

Princess Merida Adult Costume

Here we have another option for you that you can use as party dress , prom dress and wedding dress after or before Halloween. This dress is made of gold velvet that feels good, soft and comfortable breathable.


Being a true follower of the Disney characters our kids are ever ready to cosplay this Princess beauty on daily basis and without forgetting their attraction towards this Disney character with red hair following are the costume guide.

Brave Merida Wig

With the help of red hair make our cuties to become Disney Merida doll. This innocent looking character transfer amazing characteristics in our beauties.

Disney Princess Merida’s Adventure Dress

Last but not the least with this Merida outfit you will complete the entire accessories of the Merida costume for adult as well as kids. People who are interested to cosplay other Disney character click here.