Maleficent is a powerful fairy who lives in the Moors and fall in love with the boy named Stefan. When they both get old she was betrayed by him while visiting at Moors as such he cut her wings and presented to the King Henry to marry his beautiful daughter Princess Leila and become the successor of the King. The story of the Maleficent Disney movie grip with the attractive and eye-catching acting of the Maleficent cast Angelina Jolie.

Maleficent character with magical abilities received greater support and appreciation from the Walt Disney fans and followers who love to cosplay maleficent movie fairies from there heart and soul. Findurfuture, this time share the costume guide of maleficent Disney villains.

From the Maleficent Disney Story, let’s begin the costume guide……


Maleficent Angelina Jolie Costume

Sleeping Beauty with Angelina Jolie made this movie very popular and amazing by giving the brighter concept to the viewers about their love towards each other.

Disney Maleficent Movie Gloves

Disney Maleficent merchandise required several accessories to complete this costume guide to have identical look of the Queen Maleficent snow white.

Fallen Angel Bad Fairy Feather

We all know that due to unethical and greedy act of King Stefan she lost her feature to whom she trusted a lot. Wearing feather will be your sole decision because we know that you will look very pretty in Walt Disney Maleficent costume with 0r without feather.

Disney Maleficent Costume Horns

With the help of maleficent costume horns you will hold the character inside you which is now ready to cosplay at Halloween.

Maleficent Glowing Staff

This imported maleficent glowing stick will complete the costume guide along with the costume boot. We assure you that you will look eye-catching within this outfit from the maleficent Disney store.

Faux Leather Over The Knee Platform High Heel

Devotees who don’t have to spend and collect items from DIY guide will take benefit with this complete Halloween costume of Angelina Jolie film.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Dark Witch Queen Dress

Including costume related to the Angelina Jolie movie you can also check the variation of other Maleficent outfit related to the Disney Wiki and the animated movie of Sleeping Beauty. From the back story of the Sleeping beauty with Angelina Jolie we all know that she was punished to sleep by the Maleficent through her powerful magic as Dark Angle. Scroll down to check the Maleficent costume from the Animated and cartoon movie of Sleeping Beauty and the Comic series.

Descendants Maleficent Costume

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Costume

Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Costume Staff

Maleficent Costume Dress and Head Piece

Dark Sorceress Costume

History reveals that the Sleeping beauty was truly loved by her caretaker the Maleficent who have her eye all the time. However, at the time of her born she received the curse of Maleficent and faced it at the age of sixteen. Aurora got cure with this only because of the Maleficent and become the Queen of the Moor. To check the costume guide of other Disney Character Click Here.


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