The Lost City of z was story based on the novel with similar named published in 2009, in which a British Explorer (Percy Fawcett) was sent to the Bolivia to find an ancient lost city z amazon, within this trip he was disappeared along with his son. The main characters in the movie are Charlie Hunnam wife (Nina Fawcett) and Robert Pattinson as his fellow explorer.

As every reader and viewer had gone through the storyline of the movie therefore findurfuture, in-stead of explaining user stories applied share the costume guide of the city of the lost character who are love and followed by many of the viewers. Further these suiting are also be consider to wear in the party at different event either for the purpose of cosplaying the character or as party wear.


Charlie from lost wear this outfit which is quite classic and matches with his fascinating personality. Many men these days wear such suiting as a signature to wear on a special occasion. Further, the suit contains the Blazer Jacket with Tux Vest & Trousers. You can style by measuring your size and look fashionable.

  1. One Button 3-piece Suit
  2. Casual Slim Fit Skinny dress Vest Business Suit
  3. Navy Formal Tuxedo Vest Set
  4. Slim-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Dress Pant
  5. Gold Plated Albert Pocket Watch Chain
  6. Charlie Hunnam Costume Oxford Shoes
  7. Charlie Hunnam Navy Blue Tie
  8. White Dress Shirt


According to the z table, Charlie lost to start exploring the lost world within this outfit from digging to discover the lost world. He dedicated his whole life to find and prove a scientist that there is a lost place named Z until he discovered it. Through the deadly obsession, Charlie finally completes his task and this outstanding performance will lead his devotees to follow him in the manner he was looking as an Explorer.

  1. Wide Brim Wool Fedora Panama Hat
  2. Fleece Denim Shirt Jacket
  3. Worker Slim Chino Pant
  4. PU Leather Laptop Backpack
  5. Knee-High Riding Boot
  6. Charlie Hunnam Smoking Pipe
  7. Cotton Canvas Safari Bush Jacket


Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson) be the true and real companion of Charlie on the lost city, who also dedicated his entire life just to support in finding the city Z. According to the book, Charlie has full trust in him and like his company in work. From the Amazon z, we have collected the outfit worn by him are given below.

  1. Single Breasted Formal Men Suits
  2. 3 Piece Dress Vest, Necktie and Handkerchief
  3. Henry Costin Shoes


She was the wife of Col Percy Fawcett, who also dedicated her life to the finding of her husband. She only has feared that she can’t see her husband any more if he started his mission to find the city but a little hope give her inspiration for the return of her husband. Sienna Miller, perfectly act the beauty of Nina Fawcett and that’s the reason followers are adopting her style in the character.

  1. Faux Shearling Coat
  2. Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves
  3. Victorian Touring Hat

Having inspiration with the vintage outfit, followers are adopting the fashion that was followed and appreciated in the past. Healthy and wealthy people were seen full of passion within these outfits which are following today having an identical spirit of liking. With these celebrity clothing and accessories you will also like the merchandise and gift ideas of other celebrity: Click Here!