The Spider-Man (Peter Parker) was recruited by the Iron Man into the Avengers team against the Captain America Civil War. He sent back to Midtown School of Science and Technology; to complete his education. This Spider-Man movie elaborates on the Spiderman Homecoming Costume; created by Tony Stark with multi-function facilities to control the crime. Stark gave this costume to Peter; he drafts him into the Avengers.

Spiderman Comic Books, Spiderman Cartoon and Spiderman games were cherished by the fans & followers in a manner; Stan Lee had decided to accumulate devotees at a single platform in Spiderman Films. Let check the amazing updates in the Spider-Man outfit wore by Peter Parker in the Spider-man Home Coming movie.


  1. Cut the Red Cloth into the shape as shown below, must identical in size and design.


  1. Join both pieces backstitch from all sides with the help of RED THREAD and a PIN


  1. By adding dots, make eye hole and start cutting with a small scissor. Make sure the holes are big enough to see.


  1. This is how it will look at the end.



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In every Spiderman movie, the character wore the same boot as displayed above. Spiderman is the most demanding superhero created by the Stain Lee in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel and DC side by side release episode that contains multiple superheroes; this will accumulate the fan and followers. To check the costume guide of the other Marvel Comic Superhero Click Here!