Since 1995, after twelve years Jumanji will going to display on a big screen, fans and followers are desperately waiting to watch. The Jumanji 2 will be released in December 2019 with complete adventure, thrill, and suspense. The popularity of Jumanji attracts followers towards the Jumanji board games and Jumani book, however, this is the right time where fans can try the outfit of the Jumani cast wear in the Jumanji movie for cosplay.

Findurture brings you the costume guide of Jumanji characters so that you have new ideas for cosplay at Halloween.

Scroll down to see the costume guide of these characters—–


Dr. Smolder Bravestone is portrayed by the muscular man Dwayne Johnson, being a strong, muscular, dashing and charming persona he fit with the character he is appearing in the movie. We are displaying the rock Jumanji costume DIY for you to facilitate you, not to rush by collecting these items from different stores. From Dwayne Johnson movie you will collect all the stuff that includes Short sleeves shirt, pant, cowboy hat, hostler, belt, shoes and fake gun from the links below.

  1. Adult Suede Cowboy Hat
  2. Army Style Formal Shirts
  3. Battle Brown Tactical TacLite Pro Pant
  4. Dr. Smolder Bravestone Belt and Hostler
  5. Semi-Automatic Service Pistol
  6. Aiden Fashion Sneaker


Ruby Roundhouse in the next main character of the Jumanji film, this character is portrayed by bold and beautiful Karen Gillan. Initially, she is a shy girl but after entering into the Jumanji game she transforms into an appealing girl that’s the reason she faces many critics form the celebrities but she defends herself regarding this outstanding look. To be style like Karen Gillan grab the complete items of her outfit.

  1. Short-Sleeve Crop Top in Burgundy
  2. Ruby Roundhouse Shorts
  3. Tactical Belt Pouches with Flash Light
  4. Half Finger PU Leather Gloves
  5. Melissa Tall Lace Riding Boot
  6. Waist Cincher Belt


Professor Shelly Oberon (portrayed by Jack Black) was a girl before becoming a gaming character. She becomes funny before other characters as a fat guy and finding things getting worst. Nevertheless, like other characters, his appearance also has identical importance as one of the key members of the game.

  1. Lightweight Nylon Hat
  2. Long Sleeve Heathered Plaid Shirt
  3. Adjustable Tuxedo Handmade Bow Tie
  4. Professor Shelly Oberon Safari Jacket
  5. Big & Tall Flame Resistant Canvas Pant
  6. Military Tactical Duty Utility Belt
  7. Shelly Oberon Eye Glasses
  8. Heath Inside Zip Boot
  9. Slim Fit V-Neck Button-Front Shawl Collar Vest


The audience always likes to watch a funny character in the movie and Moose Finbar reflects a character with an entertaining persona which is portrayed by Kevin Hart. We assure you that this character will grab your attention in the whole movie so try items given below to cosplay this character at Halloween.

  1. Moose Finbar Hunter Hat
  2. Short-Sleeve Crew Neck Marled T-Shirt
  3. Moose Finbar Vest
  4. Redhead scarf blend neckerchief
  5. Sports Lightweight Cargo Short
  6. White Socks
  7. Moose Finbar Binoculars
  8. Vintage Backpack
  9. Water Resistant Mid Cut Boot

This guide will never end yet as fans and followers are not only waiting to watch the movie. They are ready to grab the Jumanji Merchandise from the authentic stores. (Related Post: 17 Halloween Street Fighter Costume)