The Walking Dead is an American Horror Television Series discovering the world swamped by the zombies which are commonly referred to as “walkers”. Rick Grime (Deputy Sheriff) reunites the survivors in combine struggle to survive. Many parts of the series take place in and around Atlanta, Virginia, Alexandria, and Georgia. After releasing its first episode the show got a higher rating than it would be predicted by the maker. (Related Post: 300+ Halloween Costume Ideas)

Findurfuture, taking serious concentration beside several critics and the awards won by the series compile the costume guide for the Walking Dead Cosplay at Halloween.

Let’s begin the costume guide…….


King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) who is the owner of pet Shiva (Walking Dead Tiger) and the leader of the community called the Kingdom. Paul Monroe from Hilltop community wants the walking dead the kingdom to join the trading network with his community. Ezekiel found that savior is harassing and threatening the communities while exchanging and trading of supplies. He finally meets with the Rick Grimes and passes all the information himself regarding the saviors.

  1. King Ezekiel Wig
  2. Rain Resistant Urban Trench Coat
  3. Leather Coat Men Sheepskin Jacket
  4. Youth Revolution 4 Roost Guard Chest Protector
  5. Fit Flat-Front Pant in Black
  6. Fit Flat-Front Pant in Khaki
  7. Half Finger Tactical Gloves
  8. Military Tactical Duty Work Boot
  9. Oxford Long Sleeve Button-Down Casual Shirt
  10. King Ezekiel Staff
  11. 6-Feet Plastic Chain
  12. Tiger Plush Toy


Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) is the leader of the group of almost 500 survivors. After Rick Grime agrees along with his fellow suppliers to enter into the trading relationship with the Hilltop community, they are a trap by the saviors and forced to obey Negan Walking Dead by giving half of their supplies to them as other communities are doing so. Morgan as a Negan actor receives higher appreciation by earning Critic’s Choice of Television Award for Best Guest Performer in Drama Series and Saturn Award for Best Guest Starring Role on Television.

  1. Walking Dead Negan Jacket
  2. Modern Series Straight-Fit Jean
  3. Satin Square Scarf
  4. Warm Black Driving Leather Gloves
  5. Men’s Rob Boot
  6. Lucille Walking Dead
  7. Caliber Cartridge Gun Belt


Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is the main protagonist of the comic book as well as in television series. He is the Sheriff in the small town where he lives with his wife Lori and son Carl Grimes. He awakened after the life-threatening gunshot from the coma and found that the world is overrun by the hungry shark Zombies. Among other walking dead characters he is longest leaving zombies survival.

  1. Rick the Walking Dead Sheriff Replica Hat
  2. Walking Dead Uniform Sheriff Badge, Collars Eagle Insignia Pin and Shoulder Patch
  3. Single Holster Faux Leather Gun Belt
  4. Walking Dead Sherrif Costume
  5. Dark Brown Work Pant
  6. Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver
  7. Trucker Boot
  8. Rick Grimes Jacket


Paul Monroe is the ambassador of the Hilltop community and also searching for new recruits. These recruiting processes highly motivate the community to fight against Negan and shameless survivors. He is introduced as a spy on the Alexandria Safe-Zone, later attack by the Michonne and Abraham Ford and knocks out & tied up after insisting to meet Rick Grimes. Being a pretty little liar he defends Rick after he killed a savior who was sent by the criminal minds Negan to deliver a message.

  1. Paul Monroe Winter Hat
  2. Jesus Wig and Beard
  3. Diamond Quilted Nylon Vest
  4. Giovanni Navarre Leather Trench Coat
  5. Navy Lightweight Tactical Pant
  6. Three Hole Genuine Leather Casual Jean Belt
  7. 12 Inch Sheath Black Knife
  8. Paul Leather Gloves
  9. 9” Gi Type Combat Boot


Wolf Carol (Melissa McBride) is the main character and the survivor of the AMC Walking Dead, she evacuates her husband and daughter Sophia to Atlanta. After the death of Mika and Lizzie’s father, she becomes the parental guardian. She had entered in the romantic relationship with Alexandrian Tobin after her arrival at Alexandria Safe-Zone. She also became the zombie killer and advisor of Rick Grimes.

  1. Brown Long Sleeves T-Shirt
  2. Women Leatherette Zip Tassel Ankle Riding Bootie
  3. Airsoft Pistol
  4. Original Work Pant with Wrinkle And Stain Resistance
  5. Zombie Dirt Makeup
  6. Wolf Carol Walking Knife
  7. Women Rain Coat
  8. Classic Paisley Bandana
  9. Blood Gel


Morgan Jones (Lennie James) from the walking dead show is a devoted father to keep his son alive in Rick’s hometown. After saving his life from the cooking fever of zombies Morgan hunt tells Rick about the walking dead forum and them partway to reunite survivor in the dead island. Walking dead recap reveals that Morgan meets a survivor in season 6 who help him to recover from his mental break and teach him not to kill anybody no matter what the situation is.

  1. Soft Shell Tactical Jacket
  2. Athletic-Fit Cargo Pant in Army Green
  3. Neoprene Face Mask with Smoke Lens
  4. Tactical Desert Scarf
  5. Fingerless Gloves
  6. Racing Enforcer Adult Knee
  7. Waterproof Hiking Boot
  8. Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover for Outdoor Camping
  9. Morgan Jones Hiking Stick
  10. Stinger R37 Spring Airsoft
  11. Twill Long Sleeve Work Shirt in Khaki


Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) is the former antagonist and main character in the AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. He was formerly a high ranking member of Broke Jaw Ranch and having wild temperament & being charismatic with a cruel streak. He is the youngest child of Tracy & Jeremiah and half brother to Jake. As per his unique nature, he was the last survivor of his family as well as the Broke Jaw Ranch.

  1. Troy Otto Cosplay Military Uniform Tactical
  2. Khaki Long-Sleeve Work Shirt
  3. Tactical Cross Draw Vest in Coyote Brown
  4. Right Or Left Swollen Eye
  5. Krazy Combat Jungle Boot Leather
  6. M4 M16 Replica Airsoft Gun


Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) is soft-spoken, humble and defenseless particularly at the time of facing her abusive husband “Ed”. After beaten severe by Ed, she rebels against him for Sophia to spend time with him and started to participate in activities along with her daughter. In short, she is the true definition of the survivor.

  1. Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt
  2. Violet Long Sleeves Shirt
  3. Crew Neck Thermal Long Sleeves T-Shirt Top in Brown
  4. Woman Riding Boot
  5. Military Cargo Pant in Mud Brown
  6. Carol Peletier Wig
  7. Faux Leather Belt
  8. 5 inch Plain Clip Point Blade Knuckle Guard


Nicholas Clark (Frank Dillane) who is deuteragonist and a survivor in the AMC Fear the Walking Dead. He is the son of Steven Clark & Madison Clark and also known as Nick. He had troubled past that’s why he always takes the wrong walking dead road to survive. He is an intelligent young man and member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community.

  1. The Walking Dead Shirts in Antique White
  2. Cement Zip-Front Golf Jacket
  3. Walking Shoes
  4. New York Light Gray Solid Flat Front Dress Pants


Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is the son of Rick Grimes and Lori Grimes and one of the longest survivors in this American Horror Story. He initially an innocent and the normal child but the eventual situation grew him up, as a result, he sometimes competently makes a brash decision for his group. He begins to face more evil and violence as compared to his father in the Zombieland.

  1. The Walking Dead Spoiler Cowboy Hat
  2. Ranger Khaki Vest
  3. spring double eagle colt pistol
  4. Right Side Black Drop Leg Holster
  5. Jean Cut Athletic Fit Pant
  6. Carl Grimes T-Shirt


Mr. Porter (Josh McDermitt) is the scientist who knows the cure to the zombie plague and recruited by the Rick & his group for his assistance in the mission to secure the boardwalk empire to zombie defense. Due to overweight he doesn’t possess any survival skills and entirely depend on the other group members but he is highly intelligent and resourceful (zombie surviving guide) in using technology. Later it was disclosed in the walking dead wiki that he is not a scientist but an ordinary science teacher.

  1. Eugene Porter Wig
  2. Black Milty Vest
  3. Regular-Fit Non-Iron Windowpane-Check Dress Shirt
  4. Twill Cargo Short in Khaki
  5. Logan WP Hiking Boot


Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) was depressed and insecure by nature, she at some point attempt suicide after her entire family was killed. She is the wife of Glenn, she become independent and harden and joined the Grimes instead of joining Gregory and Negan. She get instant popularity in the Hilltop group as such people from them listen her instead of Geogory. After the arrival of the Rick group, she grows up quickly as a skilled fighter, proficient with a weapon and participating in supplies run for the group.

  1. The Walking Dead Tanktop in Olive
  2. Straight Leg Jeans
  3. Black Polyester Military SWAT Belt
  4. Bloody Slasher Machete
  5. Right Side Black Drop Leg Holster
  6. Walking Dead Memes Boot


Tyreese Williams (Don’t be confused with Tyreese Gibson) is portrayed by the Walking Dead cast Chad Coleman acting as the right man of the group leader Rick Grimes. Introducing in Walking Dead new season, he is the devoted father and the protective leader of the survivors. He has always conflict with Rick about leadership but nevertheless he remains loyal with him. He uses the hammer as his fight stream and strongly reject suicide nature. His death made greater impact on the survivors and his girlfriend Michonne.

  1. Walking Dead Walkers Cargo Pant
  2. Walking Dead T-Shirts
  3. Rhode Island Cap Gun
  4. GI Type Jungle Boot
  5. Beanie Cap
  6. Military Suspenders Load Bearing Harness Backpack Straps
  7. Retro Charm Pendant
  8. Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
  9. Nylon Compass Pouch in Olive Drab
  10. Recon butt Pack
  11. Tyreese Gun
  12. Olive Drab Marine Corps Style Quick Release Pistol Belt


The Walking Dead Michonne (Danai Gurira) who uses katana as her weapon. She is the girlfriend of Tyreese and portraying a prominent role of conflict between the Governor and the town of Woodbury. The Walkind Dead Comic online says that she was a lawyer and divorcee with two missing daughters. The Governor was motivated after killing attempt to her and leaving the town under disbelief that he is dangerous.

  1. Walking Death Mini Rib Tank
  2. Beautiful Mini Metal Stud Detail Belt
  3. Light Brown Leather Motorcycle Padded Fingerless Gloves
  4. Wrinkle And Stain Resistant Cargo Multi Pocket Pant
  5. Michonne Wig
  6. Cashmere Scarf
  7. Ninja Sword
  8. Danai Gurira Walking Dead Leather Vest


The Governor (David Morrissey) called as Philip Blake in TV Series and Brian Blake in the walking dead comics and novels. His origin generally explores in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, he is fascinating leader of the town Woodbury and also responsible for the death of the several characters in the zombie books. He uses Andrea to break a truce between his and Rick group. He also forced Rick and his group to dump into the prison.

  1. Zip-Front Golf Jacket in Navy
  2. The Governor Vest
  3. Long Sleeves Work Shirt in Navy
  4. Governor Eyepatch
  5. Timex Men’s Expedition Metal Field Watch
  6. Men’s Anvil Leather Belt
  7. Ridge Valley Lace-Up Boot
  8. Commando Belt Holster
  9. Leatherneck-SF Rubber Trainer Knife
  10. Airsoft Spring Pistol
  11. Airsoft Rifle
  12. Men’s Comfort Cargo D3 Classic-Fit Flat-Front Pant


Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is an expert tracker who lived in the shadow of his older brother Merle. He is tolerated by huge group of survivors because of animal hunting skill and fearless killing of the walkers. After disappearance of his brother, Daryl walking dead joined the group with Carol Peletier. Among the last of us, he is longest survivor of the walking dead series. His origin was also explored in the walking dead video game “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” and stars in the mobile game “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land”. It is pertinent to mention here he is one of the character who become the reason to increase the walking dead rating.

  1. Long Sleeve Heathered Plaid Shirt
  2. Daryl Dixon Tactical Cross Bow
  3. Silk Woven Mens Wedding & Tuxedo Pocket Square
  4. Sleeveless Denim Shirt Biker Vest
  5. Zombie Dirt Makeup
  6. Skinneeez Plus-Squirrel Stuffing-Less Dog Toy
  7. Skinneeez Plus-Raccoon Stuffing-Less Dog Toy
  8. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Vest


Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) is the widowed owner of the farm in Georgia who saved the life of the Carl Grimes after he was shot by Hershel’s neighbors, Otis. He was proven to be the gentleman by his fellow survivors and become a deeply religious man after lost his wife.

  1. Light Tan Long-Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt
  2. Canvas Work Dungaree Pant
  3. Leather Clip-End 1 Inch Suspenders
  4. Double-Stitch-Row Belt
  5. Medline Standard Aluminum Crutches
  6. Tan Molded Leather Belt Slide Holster
  7. Police Style Revolver


Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) was the member of the Rick’s group at Washington DC after leaving Hershel’s farm. She has relationship with Abraham but broke up when she was cheated by him and moves with Eugene. In this big bang theory, she took part in the war against Negan and savors which concluded to unite four community forces.

  1. Cotton Twill Cap
  2. Sleeveless Denim Shirt
  3. Short Sleeve Round Neck Crop Top
  4. Stainless Steel Hoop Earring
  5. Lightweight Fingerless Gloves
  6. Western Style Oval Buckle Belt
  7. Cargo Distressed Allover and Frayed Shorts
  8. Semi-Automatic Holster Kit
  9. Crossover Crew Socks
  10. Lace Up Mid Calf Women Military Boot


Walking Dead Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) along with his girlfriend traveled to Washington D.C. where the outbreak was located. He is an skilled shooter, aggressive and become the right handed man of the Rick. He show greater pain about his family who were killed by the zombies for true blood.

  1. Abraham Ford Mustache
  2. Wild Color Spray
  3. Cotton Tank Top in Sport Grey
  4. Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant in Khaki
  5. Lightweight Fingerless Gloves
  6. Tactical Military Army Dog Collars Handle
  7. Indiana Jones Accessory Kit
  8. Ka-Bar Leather Sheath
  9. Men’s Descender Uniform Boot
  10. Double-Stitch-Row Belt


Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) is the daughter of Hershel and younger sister of Maggie, she is soft spoken and devoted Christian teenager. She attempt suicide after death of her mother but immediately changes her mind to live. She has a close bond with her fellow survivor Daryl Dixon.

  1. Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank
  2. Womens Racerback Backless Sports Tank Top
  3. Women’s Trendy Distressed 5 Pocket Denim Skinny Jeans
  4. Faux Leather Double Strap Elastic Stretch Fashion Belt
  5. Fashion Adjustable Leather Wristband Cuff Bracelet
  6. Sterling Silver Floating Heart Pendant
  7. Cable Knit Wool Crew Socks
  8. Classic Western Boot


Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) is the good friend of Rick Grimes who rescued his family life when he was in coma at the time when zombie outbreak occurs. He also gets jealous when Rick come back to his family and continues his relationship with his wife. Due to such reason he become aggressive and unpredictable and Shane at some point think that he be the better leader than Rick.

  1. Dark Chocolate Short-Sleeve Crew T-Shirt
  2. Sterling Silver Number 22 Pendant
  3. Cargo Jogger Pant
  4. Men’s Anvil Leather Belt
  5. Alpha Force 8″ Zipper Boot
  6. Tactical Full Stock Pump Action Spring Shotgun


Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) is the younger brother of Drayl. Due his misogynistic and racist behavior causes tension between him and survivors. He become the right handed man of the Governor but later caught by making conflict between the Governor and the Rick.

  1. Long Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt
  2. Tagless Tank
  3. Khaki TacLite Pro Pant
  4. Denny Leather Lace-up Motorcycle Boot
  5. Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet
  6. Mens Leather Cuff Studs Bracelet
  7. Zombie Dirt Makeup
  8. The Walking Dead Merle Knife


Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) is the young pizza delivery boy who was separated from his family and joins the group run by Grimes. He is very resourceful to his group due to quick thinking and primary supply runner. During his survival period he met with Maggie Greene who later becomes his wife.

  1. Olive Ultra Cotton Tee
  2. Maroon Adjustable Plain Hat
  3. The Walking Dead Glenn T-shirt Cosplay Costume
  4. Hynes Eagle Retro Designer Canvas Backpack
  5. Pint Bottle of Blood
  6. Glenn Rhee Axe


Clementine (voice by Melissa Hutchison) in zombie surviving game that is non playable character in the first season, playable in the second season and secondary play protagonist in the third season. She is an eight years old girl living with her parents in Atlanta. She was forced to join the group of the survivors against zombie apocalypse.

  1. Brooklyn Pullover Hoodie
  2. Stripe Long Sleeve Casual Loose Top T-shirt
  3. Unisex Adult Trucker Cap
  4. Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank
  5. Den Soft Opaque Tights
  6. Mary Jane Shoes Ballerina Ballet Flats Shoes
  7. Clementine Airsoft Gun
  8. Double Layer Elastic Waist Long Maxi Skirt


Lee Everett (voiced by Dave Fennoy) is the main character in the Walking Dead Video Game who had taken task to protect Clementine from zombie apocalypse. He also get positive response in the role as the guardian of Clementine.

  1. Short Sleeve Crew Tee
  2. Regular Fit Jean
  3. South Street Sport Watch
  4. Bloody Weapons Cleaver
  5. Kerlix Conforming Dressing Gauze
  6. Pint of Blood Standard
  7. Men’s Tyndall Esd Industrial and Construction Shoe
  8. Long Sleeve Denim Snap Front Shirt

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