Lady Maleficent “Mal” Bertha (daughter of Maleficent) portrayed by Dove Cameron, the main protagonist of the film Descendent, Descendent 2 and Descendents: Wicked World. Under the umbrella of the Disney Channel she is a natural born leader, she initially took charge to support her mother’s plan to steal the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. Later she makes herself away from this evil thinking & evil planning and love to live good life with her friends.

Every fans of Disney Movies are well known with the story behind the mal descendants movies. Followers of Angelina Jolie young (descendant’s parents) also inspired with the other maleficent cast who played well in the Disney Descendents (full movie streaming). From the continuation of Angelina Jolie Maleficent (see costume), findurfuture like to share the Disney Descendents Mal costume among other descendants character.

Descendants Mal Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Maleficent 2 introduced a new character as the maleficent daughter (Mal) and with the help of this Maleficent descendants wig (see variation) you will switch to the identical look of the maleficent Disney daughter.

Disney Mal Deluxe Descendants 2 Costume (Shop via Amazon)

There are several variations found regarding the costume wore by Mal in the all the descendant movies. So wear this Mal outfit to look identical with the main character of the descendants. If you like you can make your costume with the Descendants Mal Jacket (shop via Amazon) and Mal trouser (shop via Amazon) for Halloween.

Mal Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

After having all these costume accessories you will become the sexiest queen of the Walt Disney channel.

Starter Lace Up Laced Paddock Boots (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least with costume shoes you will look like the descendant sweat doll. Disney created many characters including the Disney princess which are love and appreciated by millions of followers. To check the costume guide of other Disney Characters, Click Here!

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