Beetlejuice is an American comedy-fantasy portrayed by the Michael Keaton from the Netherworld who tries to scare away new inhabitants as Catherine O’Hara, Jeffery Jones and Winona Ryder. Viewers who watched the Beetlejuice movie are well aware of the storyline and the theme of the movie. Therefore without spending time to discuss the Betelgeuse explosion, findurfuture is displaying the costume of the bettlejuice star in the form of Betelgeuse costume.

It is natural that when Halloween comes many people started to search the scary character to cosplay but they don’t want to repeat these character therefore we are preparing a complete album of Halloween Scary Costume so that no one has to search here and there for their desired character to cosplay at Hallween. Scroll down to check the DIY guide ….

Beetlejuice White Wig (Shop via Amazon)

When you decide to cosplay this character then you have to collect each and every single item that are truly related to it like the Betelgeuse wig which are designed to give you identical feature that Michael Keaton shown in the movie.

Beetlejuice Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Beetlejuice Halloween costume contain jacket, dickie and pant at the product page therefore no need to search all the three items separately.

Solid Color Black Tie (Shop via Amazon)

After having Beetlehuice suit you need this black tie which can later be used with any dark color suit for parties and celebrations.

Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirts (Shop via Amazon)

Cosplayers who already have white shirt are not required to order this item, however, if you visit the product you will see the vast rang in color of long sleeves button down shirts.

Beetlejuice Makeup Kit (Shop via Amazon)

Beetlejuice ghost is still far away from the actual appearance of the character therefore buy this makeup kit or check out the tutorial for accurate makeup. Further those cosplayer who are not comfortable with the makeup must try this Beetlejuice Mask (Shop via Amazon).

Genuine Leather Waterproof Combat Boots (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least with the genuine leather waterproof combat boot in black color will complete all the costume accessories of the Michael Keaton Beetlejuice cosplay.


Many searches found regarding beetlehuice couple costume therefore we displayed following costume of Beetlejuice black for female as well.

Female Beetlejuice costume (Shop via Amazon)

Complete package of beetlejuice outfit for woman but if you are interested to buy individual item as black & white strip leggings (Shop via Amazon) and strip blazer (Shop via Amazon) you must visit the product page.

Sexy Beetlejuice cosplay costume (Shop via Amazon)

There are varieties of women outfit are available at the online stores therefore we displayed this item to make you appealing while cosplay.

Beetlejuice Scary Spirit Suit (Shop via Amazon)

All of the Beetlejuice Dresses displayed above have their unique look when you wear any one to become the Miss Beetlejuice.


To make the Beetlejuice family costume complete we are also sharing the Beetlejuice costume ideas for the boys and girls.

Beetlejuice costume boys (Shop via Amazon)

Different sizes of the boys beetlejuice suits are available at the product page so allow your kid to cosplay the identical character as you are cosplaying at the Halloween.

Beetlejuice girls costume (Shop via Amazon)

Time to make entire family in the scary character to scream the world, therefore play with the character you like a lot. People who are interested to cosplay other than scary character Click Here.