Mai Valentine (Haruhi Terada / Megan Hollingshead) is a beautiful, largely duelist and rival of Yugi Muto (Shunsuke Kazama) and his friend in Yu-Gi-Oh! series. She is self-absorbed women who only set out prize money, power and personal satisfaction. She uses her beauty to seduce men to give her what she wants in terms of money and victories with her faux-psychic power and Harpies deck. She initially loves to live lonely and need no friends but later she feels that she have some actual friends to share the happy moments. Given below is the Mai Valentine costume accessories for manga and Japanese anime fans.

Mai Kujaku Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Initially you need the blond hairs for the Mia Kujaku cosplay, however, if you already have blond hair then you need to follow this hair style.

Mai Valentine Cosplay Purple Blazer (Shop via Amazon)

She uses long sleeves blazer as the costume accessories therefore you also need this item to cosplay her character at Halloween, plain zip up blazer in six different colors are available at the product page.

Yugioh Girls Cami Crop Top (Shop via Amazon)

To become sexy Mai Valentine cosplay, order this white cami crop top available at the product with other two colors.

Mai Valentine Hot Mini Skirt (Shop via Amazon)

This character will make you appealing while wearing all the costume accessories during cosplay and we assure you that you will be one of  the sexiest cosplayer of the town at the moment.

Yugioh Mia Valentine Boot (Shop via Amazon)

Purple color is counted as the attention gaining color especially for those who are Aries. Therefore, use such a nice color outfit to control the minds of the people and through the medium of your beauty let them do whatever you want.

Fingerless Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

Product page contain several colors of the fingerless gloves but you will order the red one to complete the costume accessories of yugioh mai cosplay.

Anime Valentine Cards (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the deck de mai you have the entire item that is required to complete the DIY of the Mai Valentine Cosplay. Many people around the world are now focusing to Anime cosplay at Halloween as well as on convention. Therefore, if you are interested to see the costume guides of cartoon and fairy tail along with Anime Costume Click Here!

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