The Question (Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage) is a vigilante protector in Hub City. He is a great detective, martial art expert and investigative reporter in the civilian identity. To hide his face he uses to wear a mask made of experimental material called pseudodem. The Question superhero is the unique idea to cosplay DC Comic Characters at Halloween. Findurfuture, this time share the Question Costume guide for DC followers to cosplay something different as compared to Batman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman etc.

People who are fed-up with the DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes which are still on screen must try detective Question cosplay.

VIC Sage Question Hat (Shop via Amazon)

Fedora hat is the signature wearing of all the detective therefore we began this guide with the blue hat wore by Mr. Question.

Cartoon Question Mask (Shop via Amazon)

To hide his identity he use to wear the nude mask which was made with the experimental material therefore cartoon series shows some facial expression in the Question Mask.

Question Cartoon Single Breasted Peacoat Overcoat (Shop via Amazon)

Halloween comes before Christmas which is the beginning of the winter season therefore you may use this overcoat during and after cosplay to secure yourself from the killing cool weather.

The Question DC Costume Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

The Question Steve Dikto makes this superhero to wear yellow shirt along with black vest and pant to create a unique contrast in the other Question Outfit.

DC Comics the Question Costume Vest & Tie (Shop via Amazon)

However these are some additional products which will no more required you to buy if you already have such an item at home otherwise visit product page to see the vast range and colors of vest and tie.

Question Detective Straight Fit Pant (Shop via Amazon)

To display the costume accessories of the faceless comics visit the product page to have this relaxed fit chino in wrinkle free fabrication, featuring with straight leg, zip fly and button closure.

The Question Hero Leather Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

To cosplay the character you must have an identical look of vigilante DC Comic character to save the Sage justice, which will complete with the costume gloves displayed above.

The Question Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the Oxford shoes you will have all the items required for Sage DC detective from the DC Comic store. Including this DIY if you are interested to scroll the costume ideas of other DC Character, Click Here!

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