Bub in the main protagonist in the Day of the Dead movie in which he is used as a subject for zombie demonstration by the Dr. Frankenstein Logan, providing to be incredibly smart for a zombie. He was taught by the doctor how to shoot, listen music and shave. Rhodes soldiers Miller and Johnson are killed during failed attempt to round up more zombies as an experiment. Sarah and Williams shocked to see that Rhodes not only trains Bub how to shoot but also continue his indulge how to eat human flesh.

In addition to the Halloween Scary Costumes, findurfuture is now sharing the DIY guide of the Bub the Zombie costume.

Black Denim Jacket (Shop via Amazon)

Lets begin with the screaming character in the black denim jacket wore by the bub in the movie along with other outfit as the zombie.

Bub Cosplay Red Black Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Bub the zombie cosplay also wear this red black shirt under the denim jacket and trained well to eat human flesh as the day of the dead food.

Black Denim Jeans (Shop via Amazon)

People casually wear denim therefore we are pretty much sure that you already have the jeans at your home to cosplay the day of the dead character bub otherwise visit product page to have your own black denim.

Chain Gang Links (Shop via Amazon)

Product is made with best quality plastic material that can be used by the children to play. Further it is the right item to cosplay the pet zombie of Logan.

Bub the Zombie Cosplay Boot (Shop via Amazon)

Bub wore the brown boot along with outfit in the day of the dead film to walk comfortably and follow the instructions of the Dr. smoothly.

Airsoft Pistol (Shop via Amazon)

Bub is well trained to shoot the target by the Frankenstein Logan therefore it is necessary for you to  have this bub gun as the costume accessories along with bub outfit.

Zombie Makeup (Shop via Amazon)

There is no need to search for the day of the dead mask you can manage it by using the zombie gray makeup tube to have identical appearance of the zombie bub, to see more scary character, Click Here.

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