Ginko (Travis Willingham / Aaron Dismuke), whose real name is Yoki and he is the main protagonist throughout the series solving mushi cases. Due to severe accident he was transformed into white hair, pale skin and unearthly ginkgo green right eye. Fan of Mushishi manga and Mushishi anime series are desperate to collect the Mushishi merchandise to solve the mystery with in the Ginko Mushishi Costume. Therefore, findurfuture share the DIY of Ginko costume to accumulate its collection of Anime and Manga costumes for cosplay at Halloween.

Ginko Mushishi Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin the costume accessories with the Ginko white hair which was transformed from black to white after he involve in an accident.

Mushishi T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Mushishi shirt in heather gray color is one of the main accessories for the Ginko Mushishi cosplay, be aware of the color because most of the cosplayer has confusion that his costume carry white color T-Shirt which is not the identical one he wore.

Mushishi Ginko Cosplay Denim (Shop via Amazon)

Being a fan of the series you have no need to search the Mushishi wiki or Mushishi book for DIY of the Ginko costume, just follow the instructions and have your Mushishi complete collection for cosplay this character at Halloween.

Athletic Lace Up Fashion Sneakers (Shop via Amazon)

Product page contain different colors of the fashion sneakers in similar brand, so if you are interested to buy any one other than black color, you will definitely like to buy it.

Mushishi Backpack (Shop via Amazon)

After having all the accessories of the Mushishi costume you must order this brown Mushishi backpack as the Ginko cosplay prop. Including the DIY guide from the manga series if you are interested to visit the costume guide of the Cartoon & Fairy Tale, Click here!

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