Violet Parr (Voiced by Sarah Vowell) is the moody and the shy teen in the Disney Pixar animated movie “The Incredibles”. She is the eldest daughter of Helen Parr and Bob and older sister of Jack-Jack and Dash. She is slightly clinical at home but quite and withdrawn in the school, she develops a ton of bravery once she uses her invisibility gift to protect her family from the villains. As a child of superhero, she has superhuman abilities through which she can make herself completely or partly or create a force field around herself.

Findurfuture, instead of sharing her version of Incredibles costume, displaying the DIY guide of the Violet Parr costume.

The Incredibles Violet Hairs (Shop via Amazon)

Let begin the Violet Incredibles costume with the black hairs of the Elastigirl Disney. Walt Disney followers, who already have black long hairs have no need to buy this wig, otherwise consider having this as the costume accessories.

 Disney Violetta Cashmere Pullover Sweater (Shop via Amazon)

The Incredibles invisible girl used to wear different types of clothing in her ordinary life. Several other color of pullover are available at the product page made with high quality fabric and suitable for winter, autumn and spring seasons.

The Incredibles Violet Parr Jeans Skirt (Shop via Amazon)

The Incredibles violet powers are unique as compared to other The Incredibles characters; she can make Violet force field to secure herself and other family members from the attack of the villain. She also uses to wear the jeans skirt as an ordinary human being.

Violet Incredibles Costume Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Costume shoes are also be considered as the one of the main costume accessories but due to long jeans skirt no one will consider which shoes you wore for violet cosplay, but to look identical with the character perfectly you must collect this item from the product page.

Violet Parr Makeup (Shop via Amazon)

Deep red eye shadow is the simple makeup item required to have soft look of the Mr Incredibles girl. Further you will also collect Elastigirl Suit (Shop via Amazon) from the product page. Click here to check our entire collection of Cartoon and Fairy Tales costumes.

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