Ron Stoppable (voiced by Will Friedle) is the sidekick and Kim Possible future boyfriend in the Disney Channel Cartoon Kim Possible. He and rufus the hairless mole rat is the Kim Possible cast who help her in fight with the forces of Dr. Drakken. Ron Kim Possible Characters has blond hair, brown eyes, fairy skin with long and pointy nose. In Kim Possible complete series Ron is the polar opposite character to Kim. Kim & Ron relationship become sometimes romantic therefore after sharing costume guide of Kim Possible it is necessary for findurfuture to share the DIY guide of the Ron Stoppable costume for couples to cosplay at Halloween.

Ron Stoppable outfit contains a few items that are easily available at online store therefore you may also consider this Kim Possible secret lair for last moment cosplay.

Ron Kim Possible Costume Turtle Neck T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Let begin the DIY guide with Ron Kim Possible shirt in black color which he wore Kim cartoon, therefore instead of selecting any other color add this item in your Amazon cart.

Ron Stoppable Pants (Shop via Amazon)

After having Ron Kim shirt you need this gray pant to complete the main items of Ron Kim possible accessories.

Kim Possible Game Boy Tactical Belt (Shop via Amazon)

In Kim Possible series Kim and Ron are used to wear this tactical belt to carry different gadget which are required during fighting with the Kim Possible Green Girl (Shego).

Ron and Ron Grey Leather Warmer Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

We select the unique gloves in the DIY of the Ron Costume which is truly identical with the character wore in the entire series but if you are not satisfied with this material you are free to select any glove available in grey color.

Ron Stoppable Backpack (Shop via Amazon)

Ron carry emergency survival day pack during crime fighting moment in the costume of the superhero therefore we suggest you to collect this item as the costume accessories for Ron cosplay.

Rufus Kim Possible (Shop via Amazon)

Ron Stoppable and Rufus is the best friend and they are the partner of the Kim Possible during crime fighting situation for that reason we added this Stuffed naked mole rat as a secondary part of the Ron Stoppable cosplay costume.

Ron Stoppable Sneakers (Shop via Amazon)

After collecting all the accessories of the Kim Possible Ron you are ready to cosplay this character at Halloween. Including this character from the Disney World you will also check our multiple DIY guide of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costume.

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