DC Comics Bombshells originally created as a series of statuettes after inspired by the pinup art and dieselpunk in 1940s, where female superheroes guard the homefront during the World War II. The story lines in the series in which DC Comics Characters are actively perform their role to accumulate the fan fiction and comixology. Findurfuture, put an effort to provide you most accurate DC Comics Bombshell Costume to cosplay something unique at Halloween.

As we all are well aware that DC Comic Heroes are at the height of popularity with millions and trillions of followers including several DC legends which are still the part of DC Comics and DC Cinematic Universe, let’s try some thing different to show our dedication towards the superheroes. Following are the costume guide of the DC Comic superstars for DC Cosplayer.


Poison Ivy DC Bombshell (Pamela Isley) fights for the world where she uses her botanist skills to grow plant in winter to feed the Russians during WWII. Later with the skills and control over plant life, intelligence, immunity of toxin, pheromone usage and secretes deadly toxin, she created a perfume to defeat the Nazis but as a result her skin turned green. In this portrayal she is complete with victory roll in her hair and modeled after 1940s pinup. Her costume is the Ivy ascent, need creative makeup with temporary tattoos or floral ivy to have identical look.

  1. Poison Ivy Rash Green Shorts
  2. Sexy Poison Ivy Costume Corset Green
  3. Bombshell Poison Ivy Cosplay Garter Strap
  4. Poison Ivy Treatment Green Knee Socks
  5. Poison Vines Necklace
  6. Black Peep Toes Buckle Dress Heeled Sandals in Green
  7. Fabric Pink Flower Hair Clips
  8. Poison Oak Leaves Tattoos
  9. Poison Ivy Wig
  10. Green Ivy Makeup


Supergirl in DC Bombshells is used as misinformation for Soviet Russian after enlisting in their flight program. After inspired her look by WWII pinup, she captured her look with victory roll or glamour waves hairstyles along with classic pinup makeup. Superman patch can be added to recreate the Supergirl logo and red satin belt are used to tie the corset and skirt.

  1. Supergirl DC Blue Overbust Corset
  2. Bombshell Supergirl Cosplay Blue Skirt
  3. DC Comics Justice League Superman Logo Patch
  4. Supergirl Comic Red Knee Boot
  5. Red DC bombshell Supergirl Scarf
  6. Shiny Stretch Satin Dress Gloves in Navy
  7. Supergirl Doll Red Satin Belt
  8. Paris White Cute Over Knee Long Stocking


Zatanna DC is the daughter of the Romani father and Jewish woman. Before raided by the Nazis and prior to this series she ran an underground network through the Astrolager Speakeasy. Later she imprisoned by the Joker’s Daughter and forces to perform magic to act as a powerful source of her scheme. We all aware that DC Bombshells is an alternate reality in which Zatanna Smallville is magician after modeled the classic pinups of 1940s.

  1. Zatanna Costume White Shorts
  2. DC Magician White Bowtie
  3. Sexy Zatanna Cosplay Corset
  4. Magician Suit Mini Hat
  5. Zatanna Bombshell Stocking
  6. Wedding Opera Gloves Black
  7. Zatanna Hot Black/White Pump
  8. Magician Wand


Bombshell Harley Quinn is most demanding female superheroes who guard the homefront during World War II. DC Harley Quinn is bomber pilot after modeled in the classic pinups of the 1940s. Fans and followers are crazy about sexy Harley Quinn costume to cosplay at Halloween. Being the most popular super star of the DC Comics Harley Quinn merchandise are outstanding highly demanding among devotes as many of them are cosplay 24/7, even at work.

  1. Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Black / Red Sports Bra
  2. Harley Quinn Boot Brown
  3. Harley Quinn Bombshell Jacket
  4. Harley Quinn Shorts
  5. Silver Lens Brown Padding Aviator Goggles
  6. Red Harley Quinn Gloves
  7. Harley Quinn Belt
  8. Harley Quinn Blonde Knee Socks
  9. Black Velvet Harley Quinn Choker
  10. DC Collectibles Bombshells Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue


Bombshells Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) after gaining the ability to absorb heat from the living beings and to protect the ice and cold, she emerged a changed woman and become the villain Killer Frost. DC Bombshells is an alternate reality that depicts female characters during WWII. In this reality, Killer Frost works for Hugo Strange and Nazi Germany. She is modeled after “ski bunny” pinups.

  1. Killer Frost Halloween costume Navy Long Sleeves Sweater
  2. DC Comics Killer Frost White Circle Skirt
  3. Dr Caitlin Snow White Beanie Hat
  4. Caitlin Killer Frost Blue Printed Socks
  5. Killer Frost Flash Blue Body Paint
  6. Snow DC White Fuzzy Boot
  7. Caitlyn Snow White Fur Vest
  8. Bombshell Killer Frost Cosplay Royal Blue Wig
  9. Frost DC Snowflake Earrings
  10. Killer Frost Statue


DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the home front during WWII. In this reality, Batgirl is an ace pilot for the French Air Force.

  1. Batgirl Corset
  2. DC Comics Batgirl Purple Leggings
  3. Batman Utility Belt
  4. Batgirl Costume Yellow Knee High Black Boot
  5. Yellow Batgirl Cape
  6. Batgirl Halloween Costume Beanie
  7. DC Batgirl Aviator Goggle
  8. Batgirl Outfit Purple Opera Gloves
  9. Batman Belt Buckle
  10. Batgirl Cosplay Brown Backpack
  11. Batgirl Dress Neckerchief


Drawing from the 1940’s detective/film noir archetype, Batman is a hard-boiled private eye in the universe and that was popular at the time. Just put the patch on the vest and you are good to go!

  1. The Batman Trench Coat
  2. Batman Movies Black Trouser
  3. Mens Batman Shirt in Navy Blue
  4. Gray Active Cargo Camping Vest
  5. Batman Grappling Hook
  6. Bat man Black Fedora Hat
  7. Batman Rubber Patch
  8. Batman Utility Belt
  9. Batman Cosplay Black Leather Gloves
  10. Binocular Batman Merchandise


Black Canary (Dinah Drake) is the DC Comics super-heroine who participates in crime-fighting activities with her husband (Larry Lance) in the Gotham City. Initially she has no super-power but later she become the world-class martial artist along with the superpower “Canary Cry” which is high-power sonic scream to any object and incapacitate enemies. She has romantic and professional par with the Green Arrow. She is club singer modeled after the pinups of the 1940s. DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where the female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII.

  1. Black Canary Bombshell Black Skirt
  2. Black Canary Gloves
  3. Major Blue Shirt
  4. Black Canary Fishnets Stocking
  5. Black Canary Sandal
  6. Red Rose Hair Clip
  7. Black Canary Necklace
  8. Electroplate Gold Metal and Elastic Band Wide Waist Belt
  9. DC Bombshell Canary Tattoos
  10. Silver Dynamic Vocal Microphone


In DC Bombshells, Arisia is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. She is modeled after the pinups of the 1940’s, as seen in this dog walker flyer. Her look is relatively simple, but the small Green Lantern details give a nod to the character history.

  1. Female Green Lantern Arisia Wig
  2. Arisia Cosplay White Racerback Lace Tank Top
  3. Arisia DC Green A-Line Skirt
  4. Arisia Rrab White Dress Gloves
  5. Green Lantern Girl Costume Belt
  6. DC Comics Green Lantern Belt Buckle
  7. DC Lanterns Walking Barking Toy Dog
  8. Arisia Rrab Cosplay White Headband
  9. Strongest Lantern Corps Mary Jane Heel Green


Bombshells Aquaman (Arthur Curry) was the founding member of the Justice League at Silver age. Aquaman Justice League is the telepathic ruler of the Atlantis and the Earth’s Ocean. His unique physiology allows him to survive on land and at the ocean’s greatest depths of pressure and temperature. DC Bombshells is an alternate reality that takes place during WWII. As one of the few male superheroes in this universe, Aquaman aids Mera and is modeled after 1940’s sailors.

  1. DC Bombshells Aquaman Cosplay Green Trouser
  2. Aquaman Staff Gold Leather Belt
  3. Aquaman Collectibles Sailors hat
  4. Aquaman Trident
  5. DC Comic Aquaman Logo Patch
  6. Aquaman Brithday Temporary Tattoo


Bombshell Cheetah DC Comics (Barbara Ann Minerva) was sending to live with another family after her parent died where she was abused by their son. Later she run away from their custody and became a skilled hunter, adventure and recruited by the German Army. DC Cheetah is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during World War II.

  1. Summer Sun Cape
  2. Brown A-Line DC Cheetah Cosplay Skirt
  3. Short Sleeves Summer Khaki T-Shirt
  4. Cheetah Print Scarf
  5. Khaki Knee High Boot Socks
  6. Bombshell Cheetah Knife and Hostler
  7. Fake Digital Camera
  8. Bombshell Cheetah Cosplay Boot
  9. Costume Goggles
  10. Brown Leather Driving Gloves
  11. Cheetah Bombshell Wig


DC Bombshell Hawkgirl (Shiera Sander) is the female counterpart of the Hawkman, she uses Nth metal technology to fly. However, DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII. In this reality, Hawkgirl is a mechanical engineer for the German army.

  1. Halk Woman Helmet
  2. Halkgirl DC Jet Pack
  3. Yellow Halkgirl Shirt Tank Top
  4. Hawkgirl Cosplay Green Jump Suit
  5. DC Comics Hawkgirl Costume Gloves
  6. Faux Leather Harness Straps
  7. Hawkgirl Boots
  8. Steampunk Goggles Red


DC Bombshell Huntress (Helena) is a secret identity but in reality she is a singer and guitarist in a 1950’s band known as “Bird of Prey”. However, DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII.

  1. Purple Huntress Shirt
  2. Huntress Cosplay Capri Pant
  3. The Eagle Huntress Purple Fashion Pump
  4. Small Square Scarf Purple
  5. Pearl Beads Rhinestone Inlaid Double Layer Necklace
  6. Pearl Strand Bracelet
  7. Rock n Roll Electric Guitar
  8. Cat Eye Glasses in Purple


In Metropolis at Daily Planet, Lois Lane is an investigative reporter and superman lover. Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White are her closest co-workers; she is capable to handle worst situations. She is in love with Clerk Kent and superman for a long time, unaware that both are same person and later become superman’s wife. In this universe, Lois Lane Bombshell is reinterpreted as a reporter in the 1940’s. Just add a newspaper!

  1. Lois Lane Cosplay High Waist Sailor Bell Bottom Flare Red Pants
  2. Lois Lane Superman Gray Pinstripes Waistcoat
  3. Lois Lane DC Button Down White Shirt
  4. Lois Lane Small Ville Red Cabbie Cap
  5. Black Suspender
  6. Margot Kidder Lois Lane Red Choker


DC Collectibles Superman (Clark Kent) was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton who later discovered and adopt by a farm couple from Kansas. He has imbued strong moral compass and in early childhood he shows various Superman abilities which upon reaching maturity he used for the welfare of the humanity under the identity of Superman suit. In DC Bombshells, the female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII. In this reality, Superman uses his laser vision to help the Bombshells out with welding.

  1. Superman Compression Shirt
  2. Superman Outfit Blue Work Pant
  3. Superman Boot
  4. Superman New Costume Red Wristband
  5. Superman Costume Man of Steel Welding Helmet
  6. Superman Costume for Adult Leather Welding Apron
  7. Bombshell Cosplay Mustache
  8. Superman Statue


DC Bombshell Jesse Quick is the daughter of Liberty Belle and the Flash (Johnny Quick). She is a carhop at malt shop. She being a waitress become classic Americana in 1940’s women replaced men as carhop. Her look is simple, and small tweaks like tying the blouse into a crop top and including the Flash patch are enough to bring it to life.

  1. Jesse The Flash Patch
  2. Quick Flash Polka Dot Headwrap
  3. DC Comics Jesse Quick Cosplay Red Button Down Shirt
  4. Jessica Quick Red Sailor Pant
  5. Quick Flash 2 Yellow Apron
  6. Jesse Quick Bombshell Red Roller Skates
  7. DC Bombshell The Flash Jesse Quick Statue


DC Bombshell Enchantress is a part of the Suicide Squad during World War II. Although her abilities and powers are still revolve around her magic, In the 1940’s her look is reminiscent of the witch archetype which become very popular. Her costume is the combination of Victorian fashion and classic witch element. The feather pom poms are a good substitute for energy projection, though green wired ribbon or green crystals will also work well.

  1. Enchantress DC Green Victorian Skirt
  2. DC Bombshell Enchantress Cosplay Witch hat
  3. Enchantress Magic Green Feather Pom Pom
  4. Enchantress Outfit Long Sleeves Shrug Jacket
  5. Enchantress Witch Green Strip Socks
  6. Green and Black Victorian Boots


DC Bombshells with born adventure and heroic spirit guard the home front during WWII. She is an alternate reality of female superhero who inspired by the history and classic pinups of 1940’s decide to join US Army Air Corps after a raid near Themyscira.

  1. Wonder Woman Bombshell Cosplay Shorts in Brilliant Blue
  2. Wonder Woman Bombshell Shirt with Stretch in Red
  3. Golden Rope Standard
  4. Yellow Bandana
  5. Wonder Woman Bombshell Costume Solid Red Star
  6. DC Comics Wonder Woman Silver Cuffs
  7. Bombshell Wonder Women Belt Buckle
  8. Waist Cinch Trimmer Belt
  9. Bombshell Wonder Woman Boots
  10. DC Bombshell Wonder Woman Statue


Queen Mera is the wife of the DC Comics superhero Aquaman and also known as the former Queen of Dimension Aqua (Xebel), Queen of Atlantis. She has a twin sister named Hila. However DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII and in this reality, Mera aides the British Navy. She is modeled after the sailor pinups of the 1940’s.

  1. Queen Mera Cosplay Sailor Hat
  2. DC Bombshells Mera Halloween Costume Mermaid Top
  3. Mera Aquaman Sailor Bell Bottom Flare Pant in White
  4. Queen Mera Costume Belt
  5. Mera Trident
  6. Atlantis Queen Green Heeled Sandal
  7. Aquaman’s Wife Red Wavy Wig
  8. DC Mera Cosplay Cuff Bracelet
  9. Mera Bombshell Statue


The ancient Ghana asked Anansi the spider to create totem that would give the immense power to its wearer of the animal kingdom on the condition that he/she uses such power to protect the innocent. Tantu used the totem and become the first legendary hero, which was later passed to his descendants until it reacehes Mari McCabe to become the costumed superhero Vixen. In the alternate realty of DC Bombshell Vixen is reimagined as Jazzy lounge singer.

  1. Vixen DC Costume Black Long Dress
  2. Vixen Ladies Stretch Satin Dark Golden Gloves
  3. Vixen Merchandise Diamond Choker
  4. Vixen Clothing Line Sexy High Heels Shoes
  5. Supervixens Gold Earrings


Koriand’r (Starfire) is Princess and the ruler of fictional planet earth in the Vegan system. Chole’s older sister developed a bitter rivalry with her during illness in infancy. She robbed her ability to harness solar energy and right of throne but later her siblings help her to defeat her sister and swore vengeance. Starfire is a burlesque dancer, fire dancer, and member of Red Hood and the Outlaws in the DC Bombshells universe. She performs in the circus and her costume is reminiscent of the burlesque dancers of the 1940’s.

  1. Bombshell Starfire Cosplay Costume Satin Burlesque Overbust Corset With Dress Set
  2. Starfire DC Comic Pearl Rhinestone Buckle Elastic Belt
  3. Starfire DC Superhero Pearl Tattoo Choker
  4. Starfire Titan Go Purple Wedding Prom Finger Gloves
  5. Raven Starfire Purple Stockings
  6. Starfire ttg Bling Dangle Earrings
  7. DC Comic Con Purple Wedding Shoes
  8. Super hero girls Starfire Wig


Tatsu Yamashiro was an average Japanese girl, martial art expert and a sword woman. She wield the mystical Soultaker blade that probably capable of trapping the souls of her victims. But in DC Bombshell Katana’s look is inspired by the British “Hammer Horror” films of the 1950’s. For more authenticity, the armor can be spray painted silver and the front of the dress can be hemmed.

  1. DC Bombshell Katana Cosplay Chinese Wedding Dress
  2. Wooden Clog Sandals
  3. Katana Chopsticks with Dragons Painting
  4. Katana Bombshell Sword
  5. Black Leather One Shoulder Armor
  6. Katana Makeup Kit
  7. Chinese dragon temporary tattoo sticker
  8. DC Collectibles Bombshells: Katana Statue


DC Bombshell Raven is the half demon/half human daughter of the Gotham City Angela Roth (Arella) and Interdimensional demon Trigon. She grew up in an alternate dimension (Azarath) with pacifistic inhabitants under the supervision of spiritual leader Mystic Azar (Pagon). As regards to the DC Bombshell reality she is used as a weapon by Nazi Germany. Her costume is inspired by 1940’s burlesque dancers. In that spirit, the marabou fans act as the smoke from each hand. The cape was hard to come by, so the shawl can be attached to the cord necklace by the brooch to create a similar effect.

  1. Raven Teen Titan Go Blue Overbust Corset Bustiers
  2. Raven Costume DC Royal Blue Sexy Ruffled Lace Panties
  3. Raven Bombshell Dark Blue Dance Veils Belly Scarves
  4. DC Bombshells Raven Cosplay Black Leather Necklace
  5. Earth Origins Raven Red Crystal Stone Brooches
  6. DC Special Raven Devil Horn Headband Blue
  7. Skinny Raven Fishnet Thigh High Stockings
  8. Bombshell Comics Ravens Dress Pump Shoes
  9. Raven Lexy Long Size Blue Satin Gloves
  10. Superhero Raven Costume Red Earrings
  11. Dark Raven Dark Turquoise Large Marabou Feather Fan
  12. DC Women Marabou Feather Fan – Purple
  13. Raven Bombshell Statue


DC Bombshells Batwoman (Katherine Kane) is a wealthy heiress who become inspired with DC Comic legend and put her wealth and resources towards fighting crime in Gotham City. In DC Bombshells, Batwoman (real name Kate Kane) is a vigilante who earned her name by fighting crime with a bat and her baseball uniform. Her costume is inspired by the women’s baseball uniforms in the 1940’s. For authenticity, use the iron-on patch and numbers to recreate her team logo and number, 52. She also has “batwoman” written on her bat, which can be easily added to the prop bat.

  1. Bat Woman Costume Black Vintage Dress
  2. Batwoman DC Bombshell Knee High Strip Socks
  3. Batwoman Shirt Applique Number Patches (52)
  4. Bat Woman Mask
  5. DC Bombshell Batwoman Cosplay Hat
  6. Batwoman Bombshell Dress Red Belt
  7. DC Cosplay Batman Logo Patch
  8. Batwoman Wig
  9. Batwoman Baseball Bat
  10. Batwoman Costume Red Sneakers
  11. DC Bombshells Batwoman Statue


Ravager is a prophetic pirate who joins the other members of the Suicide Squad at Belle Reeve Manor in DC Bombshells, . Her look is inspired by pirate pinups, and though the exact color scheme is difficult to find, the essence of the character is easily captured with steampunk fashion and accessories.

  1. Phantasm Ravager Cosplay Brown Victorian Skirt
  2. The Ravagers Peasant Crop Top
  3. DC Bombshells Ravager Costume Brown Corset
  4. Rayon Buckle Choker
  5. Rawhide Pirate Eye patch
  6. Rational Lingerie Suspender Belt
  7. Raptor Leather Winter Gloves
  8. Ravel Fence Net Thigh High Stocking
  9. Rarebit Grace Boot
  10. DC Female Characters Pirate Hoop Earrings
  11. Rave Brown Cycling Pirate Hat
  12. Ravager Wig
  13. Ravager DC Pirate Cutlass


Stargirl is Courtney Whitemore and a teenage girl living in Blue Valley. When Courtney began as the second Star-Spangled Kid, she discovered the retired superhero Sylvester Pemberton. Courtney has given Comic staff by Jack Knight, she took the name Stargirl to honor the Starman legacy. In DC Bombshells, Stargirl enlists with the Night Witches, a Russian Flying Squadron. She is used as propaganda by the Russians, but she is given a cosmic staff that allows her to fly. Eventually, she is recruited by Mera to join the Allied forces. She is inspired by 1940’s pinups, which includes a victory roll hairstyle and pinup makeup.

  1. DC Bombshells Stargirl Vintage Navy Blue Red Swimsuit
  2. DC Bombshells Stargirl Costume Red Belt
  3. Bombshell Stargirl Cosplay Hydrospex Print Goggles
  4. Jsa White, Blue & Red Stripe Tube Socks
  5. Star girl New Blue Gloves
  6. All Star Girls Blue Knee High Mid Calf Boots
  7. Legends of Tommorow Staff Walking Cane
  8. Play Star Girl Temporary Tattoo
  9. Stargirl Theme White Applique Badge
  10. Stargirl Bombshell Statue


DC Bombshells is an alternate reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during WWII. In this universe, Catwoman is still a jewel thief, but her style is inspired by the pinups of the 1940’s.

  1. DC Bombshells Catwoman Cosplay Eye Glasses
  2. Catwoman Headpiece Hat
  3. DC Comic Bombshells Catwoman Hair band
  4. Catwoman Dress
  5. Veneziana Calze Catwoman Clothes
  6. Catwoman DC Comic Garter Belt
  7. Bombshell Pinups Pearl Necklace
  8. Catwoman Stuff Long Satin Gloves
  9. DC Catgirl Leather Bull Whip
  10. Cute Bombshells High Heel Pumps


Bombshells Talia al Ghul is the daughter of the supervillian, Ra’s al Ghul, who trained Batman. Talia is depicted as a beautiful, but deadly, harem girl in DC Bombshells, which was a popular pinup theme in the 1940’s. This look is enhanced by bellydance accessories, bright colors, and ornate jewelry.

  1. DC Bombshell Talia Al Ghul Cosplay Bellydance Headpiece
  2. Green Harem Beach Yoga Pants
  3. Black Bellydance Hip Scarf
  4. Egypt Cleopatra Swirl Snake Upper Arm Cuff
  5. Bronze Tribal Gold Cuff Bracelet
  6. Sexy Punk Rock Faux Leather
  7. Golden Genie Shoes
  8. Arabian Sword

We hope you will have maximum benefit through the Bombshells DC Comic Statues guide and cosplay as a wonderful comic star of the DC universe. Check out our other collection of Halloween costume at costume shop.