Disney Mickey Mouse is the unique cartoon mouse who still rule the Mickey Party in the heart of the fans and followers of Disney Cartoon. Sorcerer Mickey Mouse is the magical form of Mickey Mouse Cartoon which his most famous role in Fantasia costume. Mickey Mouse sorcerer is first appeared as the main character in the Mickey Mouse animation 1940 film Fantasia. He serves as an apprentice who uses his master’s magic tricks to avoid doing his chores, but soon loses control of the situation.

Findurfuture on its journey to accumulated DIY guide of Disney Halloween costumes share the Sorcerer Mickey Mouse costume so that fans and followers of Mickey Mouse characters may cosplay him at Halloween.

I Want Mickey Mouse ….. where he is ….. follow the instruction below and see in the mirror…

Disney Sorcerer Mickey Ear Hat (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin this costume guide with the unique accessories that you must have to cosplay this character at Halloween is the Mickey Mouse head hat with attached ears.

Mikie Mouse Velvet Wizard Robe (Shop via Amazon)

To look like magician and present the Mickey Mouse show you required red velvet robe. Mostly magician uses this type of costume to play safe and secure trick infront of the audience.

Mickey Mouse Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

To enter into the Disney Club house and perform the most demanding characters of Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse, each and every follower must have this gloves which shows their inspiration towards the character from Mickey Mouse Cartoon video.

Mickey Shorts (Shop via Amazon)

Mickey mouse shorts in blue color is wore by original Mickey mouse in the animated movie, so that you may also have to order this item at the product page.

Mikey Mouse Full Body Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Prior wearing shorts you need to wear the black body suit that covers yours body and turn it into black i.e. identical with the character of Mickey and mouse in the film.

Mickey Mouse Show Roman Rope (Shop via Amazon)

Costume rope is used to tie your cloak, now this is the time when devotees create an environment of the Mickey Birthday specially for their kids who are also the biggest fan of the character since their childhood.

Mickey Mouse Games Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the Mickey Mouse shoes you became the member of the Mickey Mouse club and completely ready to cosplay this character at Halloween and sing Mickey Mouse song. Therefore, without making identical Mickey Mouse house during cosplaying if you are interested to visit the Halloween costume guide of the Disney World, Click Here!

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