Deputy Sheriff Victoria “Vic” Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) is one of the main protagonists on the Longmire show. She is new to the Sheriff’s Department in Wyoming’s Absaroka Country. Not being personal but her relation with he husband has had its share ups and downs because Sean Keegan suspects her of having relation with Sheriff Walt Longmire. May be reason behind his act was Vic Longmire affair with her superior boss Ed Gorski before marriage. Beside all this according to Walt Longmire books and Walt Longmire TV Series she is an enigmatic character with a rough and wild side as compared to the other Longmire characters.

How many season of Longmire are there that you already seen? Findurfuture well aware about the love and attraction of fans and followers of Longmire episode specially towards the Longmire Deputy Sheriff, having pleasure to share the DIY guide of the Vic Moretti Costume.

Vic Moretti Cosplay Button Down Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin this costume guide with the Sheriff’s uniform that Victoria Longmire wear in almost every episode of the series.

Viks Baby Long Sleeves underscrub Tee (Shop via Amazon)

Longmire book series, Longmire novel and TV show best describe this character with regard to attitude and appearance therefore you need this shirt to wear inside the sheriff outfit.

Sheriff’s Department Patch (Product Page)

Absaroka County Sheriff’s Dept Patch Longmire Police Replica Prop is core item of the costume accessories which gives you the identity of the real sheriff from the Wyoming Absaroka country after sticking with button shirt.

Longmire Jeans Belt (Shop via Amazon)

Product page contain several other colors of the leather belt that you may consider to wear at different occasions only if you are frequent user of the jeans to be rough and tough whole day but for vic cosplay you have to order brown leather belt.

Vic Moretti Jeans (Shop via Amazon)

Female followers have greater influence with the character therefore Vic Jeans are highly demanding among women. Being a fan may you already have this jeans otherwise buy it from the product page and become the energetic lady of the town.

Deputy Sheriff Western Badge (Shop via Amazon)

What happen to Longmire if you don’t have the badge which gives you identity of the sheriff of the town, therefore have this accessories form the costume shop at the link give above.

Vic Moretti Wig (Shop via Amazon)

If you already have blonde hairs no need to buy Vic blonde wig only trim your hair to have identical size and shape of the moretti otherwise make an order of this item from Amazon store.

Brown Aviator Glasses (Shop via Amazon)

Every woman look appealing while wearing sunglasses during hot summer days, the glasses shown above will be best item to use after cosplaying this character at Halloween and look stunning during and after cosplay.

Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot (Shop via Amazon)

For rough and tough play you need this Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot which is specially designed for women to have attractive military combat look during cosplay and other activities.

Vintage Leather Scuba with Faux-Fur (Shop via Amazon)

Last but not the least is the Vic Moretti leather jacket which she wore as a part of her uniform therefore we display almost similar one. However there is no need to use leather jacket for cosplaying the character, but if you like to have one you can order the displayed item from the product page. Whether you like to see horror or violence or animated series you will also like to visit our collection of Halloween Costume express.

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