Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer video game known as “Heroes” with unique style to play. Every single hero in the blizzard overwatch has unique skills to fight and engage the gamer to complete their mission. Like Street Fighter, fortnite, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, etc. Findurfuture, has planned to share the DIY costume guide of all the Overwatch characters; so that gamer does not have to face trouble in searching any of the items at different Overwatch forums.

Just like Overwatch video game control the attraction of the gamer; Overwatch cosplayer will also show their true spirit in the character with identical skills and power. Scroll down to grab all the accessories from the overwatch origin.


Tracer (real name Lena Oxton) is a young ace pilot in the overwatch. She is from the United Kingdom and having some health issues which was caused due to the wrong experiment. This situation makes her molecule become desynchronized from the flow of time. Luckily, Winston invented a device known as a chronal accelerator that allows her to control her own time frame.

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Widowmaker (real name Amelie Lacroix / voiced by Chloé Hollings) is the competitive overwatch player and a cold-blooded French sniper, sometimes show little emotion or remorse. Like a deadly spider she takes up perfect hiding spot using her grapping hook; lining up the perfect shot as one shot, one kill. She also comes equipped with the “Widow Kiss”, a rifle with two modes.

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D.Va (real name Hana Song / voiced by Charlet Chung) is the former eSports gamer form South Korea. Overwatch wiki reveals that she and other gamers were recruited by the Korean government to pilot MEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army) mech suit in defense of her nation. She takes this on with a fearless and upbeat attitude and like most gamers, indulges in junk food in her downtime.

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Cruiser D.Va is a D.Va skin released for the Overwatch Anniversary 2017 event. D. Va is styled as a vintage 1950’s pinup girl, instead of a modern day Korean gamer.

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Overwatch Brigitte Lindholm (voiced by Matilda Smedius) is support / DPS/ tank hero that hails from Sweden. She is specialized in the making of armor which she learned from her father Torbjom and also learned how to use that armor from her godfather Reinhardt. To look identical with the character under the supervision of this overwatch guide you have to draw a cog tattoo on your left bicep for the Ironclad Guild, and cut the fingertips off your work gloves.

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In Overwatch, Mei Ling Zhou is a scientist who has taken a responsibility to find the Cause of climate change. She fights with global warming by freezing everything in her sight; using her skills and power including the endothermic blaster, Cyro-freeze and blizzard.

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Let’s break it down! In Overwatch, Lúcio Correia dos Santos (Jonny Cruz) uses music to inspire social change; Rio de Janeiro. He steals Vishkar Corp’s sonic technology and uses it to fight back against them, driving them out of Brazil.

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McCree is a gunslinger and vigilante in Overwatch. He is the former member of the gang who fights for the righteous. Near or far, he’s target to fell his opponents with deadly accuracy; fanning the hammer on his Peacekeeper, stunning enemies with flashbang; activating his deadeye ability to hit high noon.

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Soldier: 76 (real name Jack Morrison) is a vigilante, archetypal soldier hero with a military background and a pulse rifle as his primary weapon in Overwatch. He is the product of a top-secret soldier enhancement program that has gifted him with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.

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In Overwatch, Reaper (Gabriel Reyes) was a senior officer in the US military. Fight with Jack Morrison left him heavily disfigured and Morrison turn into Soldier: 76. He resurfaced as the volatile and ruthless mercenary known as Reaper.

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In Overwatch, Widowmaker hits the beach in style with the Côte d’Azur skin. This legendary skin celebrating the 2017 Summer Games may not be so good for sneaky sniper plays compared to the default Widowmaker skin, but remains a fan favorite.

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Grillmaster:76 is a festive skin for Soldier:76 in Overwatch. Released as part of Summer Games 2017, he’s ready to man the grill and flip some burgers as he cracks some dad jokes.

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Overwatch Totally 80’s rad skin release for Zarya in last year Halloween Terror event. Where she’s traded in her powerlifting gear for aerobics. Decked out in 80s neon, it might as well be the height of the Cold War.

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