Kingdom Hearts is a series of Crossover action role play games by the Walt Disney Company. It is based on Disney prosperities in a fictional universe which is used to customize the game narratives. Sora is the main protagonist in the game hence this game based on his journey and experiences. This series consist of the nine games for multiple platforms.

All the characters in this hearts game have unique appearances and style, therefore, findurfuture has decided to share the DIY Kindom Hearts costume guide of each and every character who gamer love to play with…


In Kingdom Hearts, Sora is an upbeat and cheerful teenager who lived in the Destiny Island and has been friend with Kairi and Riku since childhood. He was separated with his friends during the search of new world with obtaining weapon Keyblade wielder. KH3 Soraa appears in several series of the game with identical appearance and look. Scroll down grab the Sora Kingdom Hearts Costumes.

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Kairi is the childhood friend of the Riku and Sora and also the love interest of the Sora in the beloved Kingdom Hearts Series. Riku and Sora are set on different path throughout the first game just to save Kyrie 3. Later it was revealed in the game that she is one of the Seven Princesses of Heart, and restores Sora from his transformation into Heartless.

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Naminé has ability to manipulate the memories of the Sora but she is nobody of Kairi in the Kingdom Hearts game. She’s always dressed in a very plain white lace dress and sandals, and always drawing in her sketchpad.

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Now you have ample opportunity to play and cosplay the Kingdom Hearts character at Halloween without having trouble to search the costume accessories at different online stores. Click Here for more gaming costume ideas.