Ready Player One is 2018 science fiction movie based on the identical name Ready Player One book. The film takes place to 2045 where much of the humanity uses the virtual reality software to run away from the unhappiness of this world. Wade Watts, the orphaned teenager found the secrets hidden in the game which promises the winner entire ownership of the OASIS. To have Ready Player One Costumes, scroll down to grab all accessories of your favorite character before it get out of stock.

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Wade Owen Watts (Tye Sheridan) is main protagonist and narrator of the Ready Player One Novel. He is an orphaned teenager living in the slummy “stacks” of Columbus, Ohio. He passes his time in the virtual reality universe OASIS, where he controls his avatar Parzival as a Gunter who tries to win the Golden Easter Egg hunt so he can leave the stacks. Given below is the Ready One Player Movie JJ Watts Costume.

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As far as Wade Watts appearance, he is described as nerdy, heavy and average looking person. Later Wade Watts from Ready Player One loses his weight by exercises in order to use OASIS ready player one.


Ready Player One Parzival is the in-game OASIS character adopted by Wade Watts. Parzival has blue tattoo with grayish skin, his general clothing is a pair of Jeans and a T-Shirt with a vest over it that has golden sword on its back.

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He’s named after Percival, the famous knight who devotes his life to searching for the Holy Grail, and he similarly spends his days looking for James Halliday’s Easter eggs alongside Art3mis / Samantha Cook.


Ready Player One Samantha Cook (Olivia Cooke) is a famous hunter known for her intelligent, brave, smart and spunky attitude. She is also the IRL identity of Art3mis. She engage in the relationship with the Wade Watts after Hunts concludes.

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Wade confess his undying love with Samantha Evelyn Cook, she also remain confused and hesitate about online romance and believed that it is impossible.


Ready Player One Art3mis is the in-game alias of Samantha Cook. She is fiercely protective of her freedom, staying guarded even when Parzival / Wade Watts declares his love for her.

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She is described as beautiful avatar with raven-haired, pretty face, pointy chin and a perpetual smirk in Ready Player One Wiki / Novel. Select the character which you love to cosplay from the Ready Player One Film at Halloween, further, for more choices you must check our collection gaming costumes.

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