Child’s Play franchise made several series in the form of Chucky movies where a former girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) and accomplice of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) get Chucky’s remains from a Police compound after bribing and murdering a Police Officer who stolen the doll from an evidence locker. Tiffany honestly stitches Chucky believing that Ray’s soul still live in the doll and reenacts the voodoo ritual which had instilled Ray’s soul inside the doll ten years ago.

Later Tiffany Valentine becomes the bride of chucky doll, so what are you waiting for scroll down to grab all the accessories of the Bride of Chucky Costume.

Bride of Chucky Wig (Shop via Amazon)

Before selecting other products of the Chucky wife costume we prefer you to buy this identical chuckie’s bride wig to cosplay at Halloween, however if any of you have short blonde hair than it required little touching of grey color to have real chuckys girlfriend look.

Tiffany Doll Chucky Biker Jacket (Shop via Amazon)

Chucky and Tiffany dolls couple are love and appreciated by many of the viewers, further these characters are perfectly fit for the Halloween Horror Night and many of the cosplayer are still following them. There are several other color of the biker jacket are available at Amazon Store, visit link may you like more merchandise.

Short Sleeves Bridal Dress (Shop via Amazon)

To look a like chucky girlfriend you need this cocktail party dress which is also available in different other colors at the Product page, but at this moment you required this one.

Bride of Chucky Tiffany Doll Net Pantyhose (Shop via Amazon)

Bride of Chucky outfit also contain this black net pantyhose as one of the main accessories, further, if you are expert in makeup (see tutorial) and we assure that there will be no need to buy Bride of Chucky mask.

Bride of Chucky Tiffany Necklace (Product Page)

As a fashion lover and true partner of the Ray she doesn’t want to hide her identity and wore a necklace which describe her name as Tiff therefore you got to visit the product page to have this item in your cart.

Bride of Chucky Tattoo (Shop via Amazon)

To have real look of the girl chucky doll, you must stick this temporary tattoo on the right side of your chest. Chucky heart temporary tattoo are available in the pack of 3 with skin safe using FDA approved ingredients.

Chucky Voodoo Knife (Shop via Amazon)

To feel the reality of the character you also have to buy this tiffany bride of chucky voodoo knife as one of the main costume prop to cosplay this character at Halloween.

Bride of Chucky Makeup Black Lipstick (Shop via Amazon)

To give you the best makeup material we prefer this mate lipstick created by the Katy Perry infused with shea butter, rich and moisturizing lipstick formula that glides on smoothly.

Female Chucky High Heel Martin Boot (Shop via Amazon)

After having all the accessories in you bucket you are ready to cosplay the character in the sexy bride of chucky costume. Including Bride of Chucky costume ideas you may also check our collection of Halloween scary costumes.

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