Lola Bunny (Kath Soucie) is basketball player of the team Tune Squad and the sassy and beautiful girlfriend of Bugs Bunny in Space Jam film. Lola Rabbit has a curvaceous body, wears tight clothes and poses seductive. Space Jam Bunny Girl helps the battle the villainous Monsters as the second best player on the team, just behind His Airness Michael Jordan, himself. Lola cartoon’s personality is a combination of femme fatale, Hawksain woman and tomboy archetypes. Being a Space Jam Female Bunny she is highly athletic and incredibly seductive in her behavior.

So without loosing time scroll down to grab the accessories Lola Bunny Costume and Michael Jordan Costume from Space Jam movie.

Lola Bunny Ears (Shop via Amazon)

Let began this Lola Space Jam Costume with the bunny ear hair band and fluffy tail which is also perfect for the imaginary play and theater.

Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Nose (Shop via Amazon)

This item is a great value to wear with bunny costume, usually available in the measurement of 5.75 inches wide and made of fabric.

Lola Space Jam Jersey (Shop via Amazon)

Lola Bunny Jersey is the main costume accessory of the Lola Bunny outfit which she wore during the basketball match against villainous monster.

Lola Space Jam Basketball Squad Shorts (Shop via Amazon)

Space Jam Rabbit wore this basketball squad short which is made with 100% polyester & fabric available at our Amazon Store.

Lola Bunny Cosplay White Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

After having Lola Bunny shirt and squad shorts you need this white cotton gloves to look alike the Bugs Bunny Basketball player.

Lola Bunny Space Jam Triple Stripe Socks (Shop via Amazon)

A pair of socks with triple stripe designed in blue & red, knee high length that contains 80% cotton, 15% nylon and 5% elastane

The Looney Tunes Show Basketball (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with this NBA basketball you have all the accessories of the Bug Bunny girlfriend Halloween costume and cosplay. Scroll further to have Michael Jordan costume with identical style and looks.


A crossover with Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, Michael Jordan play himself in the 1996 live-action/ animated sports film Space Jam. The film presents a fictional alternate history of what happened between Jordan’s initial retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his comeback in 1995, in which he becomes embroiled in events involving Bugs Bunny and his friends by joining their basketball team, Tune Squad.

Michael A Jordan Jersey (Shop via Amazon)

Michael Jordan 23 Squad Space Jam Jersey is signature product to ware during Michael Jordan cosplay as Tune Squad member.

Space Jam Basketball Tune Squad Shorts (Shop via Amazon)

To hit the Michael Jordan stats you have to ware this tune squad shorts along with the Micheal Jordan T-Shirt which are shown earlier this product.

Michael B Jordan Blue Armband (Shop via Amazon)

So here is the product that directly linked you to the Michael Jordan style and gives you an ample opportunity to wear such nice armband in your left arm.

Mike Jordan Space Jam Dark Concord (Product Page)

To look like a real hero you must need to select the best product which shows not your stile and looks, it will also shows your status identical with the character.

Micheal Jordan UNC Basketball (Shop via Amazon)

Now you have two choice either to cosplay any of the character or to cosplay both the character as a couple and show your sports spirit as a cosplayer. To check our entire collection of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costumes for more Halloween costume ideas, Click Here!

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