In 2017 “Happy Death Day” is the horror film released by Blumhouse. This movie is all about a college student who must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer’s identity. The killer featured marks a distinct baby face, their real identity is a mystery. To accumulate our list of Halloween Scary Costume, we would like to share the DIY guide of the Happy Death Day Killer costume for Halloween and cosplay. By taking simple steps you will have all the merchandise in your bucket, so what are you waiting for scroll to gab all of them.

Happy Death Day Mask (Product Page)

Lets begin this costume guide with the costume mask wore by the killer in the Happy Death Day movie to hide his identity till the murder executed.

Feeling Emotional Zip Up Hoodie (Shop via Amazon)

To scream people character use to wear black outfit so that he may easily escape in the dark after killing his victim for no reason.

Free Spirit Black Sweatpants (Shop via Amazon)

Product page contain several other colors of the sweat pant but you need the black one to cosplay this character at Halloween. Further, this item has relaxed straight legs with elastic waistband that brings you the lounge-ready style.

Warm Lined Driving Gloves (Shop via Amazon)

So here we have the smooth criminal in the leather gloves who is listless killer with an aim to complete his mission, scare the people and feel pleasure of scream like a sweatbox.

Lost Boy Tennis Running Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Whether you noticed or not that killer selected the black outfit in the movie to escape easily after murder like a little drop of water.

Illusion realistic Knife (Shop via Amazon)

Finally with the prop knife you have all the accessories of the Happy death day costume in you bucket. This is not yet ended, you may check our collection Halloween costume ideas of the Fairy and Cartoon costumes.