In Shenmue video game series by SEGA, Ryo Hazuki is the main protagonist. Shenmue Ryo is an 18 year old Japanese teenager who lives in Yamanose, Yokosuka, Japan. Shenmue Ryo Hazuki is trained in martial arts and uses his skills to avenge his father and reclaim his family treasure the Dragon Mirror from Lan Di. Let accumulate this character into our Game Con collection so why are you waiting for scroll down to grab all the accessories of the Ryo Hazuki Costume.

Shanmue Jacket (Shop via Amazon)

Lets began this costume guide with the Ryo Hazuki Jacket which is made with suede leather two packets are made at waist and other two pocket are given inside.

Sega Dreamcast Shenmue Cotton Tee (Shop via Amazon)

This 100% cotton antique heather grey tee is best for the Lan Di Shenmue cosplay at Halloween. It also has seamless double needle collar, taped neck and shoulders for durability with bottom hem.

Ryo Hazuki Cosplay (Shop via Amazon)

To look a like the Shenmue character you will have to order this slim fit jeans from Amazon store, however you may check several other colors are available at the product page.

Sega Shenmue Leather Belt (Shop via Amazon)

We prefer this casual black belt to be wear along with your jeans, however, if you already have one don’t compromise and buy this best quality product.

Sega White Shoes (Shop via Amazon)

Puma has wide range of sneakers at their store but we select this one as Ryo Shoes which is one of the main costume accessories that is wore by the character in the game.

Hazuki Ryo Band Aid (Shop via Amazon)

Band aid is compulsorily required on your face while cosplaying this character at Halloween, therefore you need to collect all the accessories in your bucket for perfection & attraction. Including gaming and comic con character we invite you to visit our DIY guide of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale Costumes.

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